May 23, 2018

Last year the JLMC were delighted to launch the Mighty Mites – a day for U9s to train with ENTP coaches, skate with and meet the England U19s and then play two periods during the Junior International on the Friday night.

The JLMC are equally delighted to confirm that this Friday the Mighty Mites are back!

Forty U9 players (born 2009, 2010 or 2011) will be on the ice on Friday afternoon for their skills and drills before taking dinner and meeting the England Under 19s as they prepare for the international later that evening.

The players are divided into two teams – Team Blue and Team White – and like last year the jersey designs will be released at the very last minute.

JLMC Chair Jacqueline Pye said: “We want to provide an experience of the “Conference Weekend” to players who are not currently eligible for selection to the Conference teams.

“This means that this opportunity is aimed at players born in development years and limited to 34 out-skaters and 6 goalies.

“Last year’s launch of the Mighty Mites was a great success, the day was very well received and we were keen to do it again.  When we opened the event this year the places were taken in a flash.

“I hope that the players and their parents enjoy the day and that all of the supporters at the Junior International cheer on the Mites loud and proud too!”


1 Jacob Mardell – Bradford
1 Joel Munroe – Peterborough
33 Matthew Rose – Chelmsford
10 Sophie Davies – Deeside
58 Liam Peters – Sheffield
33 Thomas Onslow – Guildford
4 Alfie Goddard – Solent
27 James Stewart – Guildford
50 Lewis Ball – Telford
76 DJ Dowd – Billingham
10 Mario Vakmansky – Manchester
24 Oliver Lipscombe – Sheffield
88 James McCartney – Coventry
74 Ollie Brown – Nottingham
92 Oakley Waine – Oxford
19 JJ Thomas – Nottingham
26 Tristan Grimbley – Coventry
8 Louise Insall – Coventry
54 Daniel Allen – Chelmsford
3 Louis Selby – Sheffield


14 Tom Flint – Sheffield
1 Brodie Kimber – Nottingham
77 Rio Campion – Sutton
64 Oliver Matthewman – Sheffield
15 Keira Jones – Sheffield
37 Evan Bradon – Billingham
16 Igor Wisniewski – Sheffield
88 Enzo Draper – Solent
23 Alfie Bythell – Telford
28 Noah Shearer-Dixon – Sheffield
9 Emil Raubal – Haringey
19 Noah Barnes – Sheffield
10 Benjamin Elliott – Coventry
38 Oliver Straw – Sutton
58 Zach Taylor – Billingham
58 Logan Matthews – Basingstoke
16 George Vant – Chelmsford
18 Harry Marshall – Sheffield
24 Xavier Terry – Coventry
12 Felix Blyth – Romford


1.30pm Arrival & Registration
2.45pm On ice drills & skills
4.15pm Cool down, change and snack
4.45pm Meet & Greet with England U19s
5.15pm Dinner
6.30pm On ice final practice/game familiarisation
7.05pm Team briefing
7.20pm Final words from Mum & Dad/Cuddle
8.00pm England v Scotland U19 first period
8.45pm Cool down, change and snack


Good luck to everyone involved, we’ll see you at Sheffield on Friday and who knows, we might even see you on the TV too!