June 18, 2020

EIHA’s head of strength & conditioning Alex Green hailed the first S&C webinar as a success and promised much more from the latest addition to the Education Programme.

Green was the lead and worked with the other S&C coaches to present the basics of strength and conditioning for coaches from all across the hockey spectrum.

“We are delighted with the initial uptake having over 60 of our coaches take the time to dial in on Tuesday,” Green said.

“It shows there is a real appetite for this newly formed section of the growing EIHA education programme. We know when comparing ourselves against other countries the benefits of Strength and Conditioning are extremely evident , therefore it is very refreshing to see our coaches showing the awareness and want for us to evolve this programme further assisting them to better our athletes.

“Some of the feedback we’ve taken is to include some images and videos to allow people to compare and see what is a good movement and what is a bad movement – this we will ensure is a focus when finalising webinar 2 “The Specifics for Ice hockey”.

“We want to encourage the continued feedback from all of our coaches, this will allow us to continue building a programme which is meeting the demands and expectations within our sport at the moment – please send feedback to me [alex.green(at)eiha.co.uk].

“We recognised some of the technical issues on Tuesday night both with sound quality and videos – we are are working on solutions to these.  In future we will ensure the slide deck will be circulated to those attendees to use as a reference point with their athletes and support the application of what the takeaways were from the session.

“Moving forward we will continue to deliver Webinar 1 sessions at a regional level to ensure we educate the mass of our coaches across all clubs within the EIHA – look out for dates which will be announced in due course.

“Stay safe and we look forward to seeing more of you on the next webinars!”

The EIHA S&C will be adding further regional coaches later today while the next webinar will also be confirmed this evening featuring an S&C coach formerly of the EIHA but now working overseas with a pro hockey team.