January 25, 2019

The EIHA would like to remind all parties involved in coaching, playing or supporting the game of ice hockey to be mindful of how social media comments can create unnecessary tensions and lead to abusive and threatening language being used during or after games.

Social media is a great asset for any sport; it gives details of games, information on scores, photographs of play and feedback from supporters and players. Used in the correct way it will not be challenged by the EIHA, in fact it will be endorsed as a positive.

There have been several incidents over the last few weeks where the language has become unacceptable and is leading to distress.
Players must endeavour to be professional, on and off the ice, courteous in their thoughts and comments, and a role model for the sport of ice hockey.

We want to encourage social media presence for our sport, it allows younger players or newly engaged players the aspiration to continue to learn and grow and become the future senior players, therefore we cannot allow disparaging language and behaviour through this medium.

Supporters must also take responsibility for their actions when posting on social media, and although we cannot take internal action against these comments, we can, and will block the offenders if their language and behaviour continues to bring a player, team, coach or official into disrepute.