November 29, 2017

The English Ice Hockey Association held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) last Saturday, with members asked to vote on the next step in reforming the governance of the sport in England and Wales.

The reasons for the EGM and the expected timelines were outlined in an EIHA website article published in advance of the meeting.

EIHA director responsible for governance, Joy Johnston, presented the plan to form a working group to investigate the best options and report back to the board and a future members’ meeting in the Spring of 2018.

There were questions from the floor following the presentation, before the motion was put to a vote. The motion was carried with a unanimous 275 for and 0 votes against.

Afterwards Joy Johnston said: “We wanted members to be engaged in the process as this is a really important stage in the development of the sport.

“Overall the meeting was well attended with people there who didn’t make the AGM, however we’d always like more members to turn up in person.

“A lot of the members are only bothered about their area of the sport but governance and structure cover every area of the Association. Good governance can have a positive impact on everything – playing, coaching, officiating you name it.”

When it came to the vote how did Joy feel about the result and the mandate that gives the board?

“A unanimous vote in favour was a huge endorsement of the plan we’ve put in place and shows the members understand and support the process we’ve chosen.

“The next step is to form the working group and that is already underway, we’ll get it announced as soon as everything is in place. The the group can start its detailed analysis on the options for future governance of the sport.”

The Association will create a dedicated section on the EIHA website for news and updates from the governance working group, and minutes of meetings will be published.

The working group will analyse all options including unification with IHUK and report to the board in Spring 2018 before another EGM where a recommendation will be presented to members to be voted upon.

“It’s an ambitious timetable but it is achievable. We’ll be transparent throughout the process and give regular updates.

“When the next EGM comes around we’d like even more members to attend in person and represent all areas of the Association’s work, and be engaged with the solution proposed,” said Johnston.

A second EGM motion to elect Gary Apsley to the EIHA Board was defeated by 205-63.