May 17, 2019

The EIHA Education Programme is pleased to announce the launch of a new coaching workshop specifically for goalie coaches.

GK1 – Level 1 Goalie Coach debuts this summer after a lot of planning and preparation behind the scenes.  The first specific GK1 workshop will take place in Bracknell on July 14th and places are now available to book via the EIHA website.  A Level 2 and Level 3 workshop is in development with the GK2 set to go live next year.

Euan King, the Association’s Technical Director for Netminding, is pleased that months of work has now come to fruition.

“I am extremely excited to finally launch the GK1 workshop this summer after months of planning and preparation,” he said.

“The strap line for the course is ‘K.I.S.S’ and that is what we will do. The GK1 is an introduction to coaching goalies covering the pure basics and fundamentals of goaltending over a three hour classroom session and one hour on ice session.

“After the course, each person who attends will gain access to an online forum where they will receive aftercare and give them a place to share ideas, ask questions to our coaches and be kept up to date with the latest trends and ideas in the world of goaltending.

“We have announced the first date in Bracknell and we plan to run these in all four regions throughout the year using our newly-installed regional netminding mentors.

“I am delighted to have Daniel Brabon in the South West, Alan Blyth for the South East, Dave Clancy in the Midlands and Mike Clancy for the North.”

King also explained that those attending the seminar with NHL coach Jim Corsi will be the first to be credited with the GK1 qualification.

“We have also made the decision to include the GK1 on the Jim Corsi seminar so not only will the coaches attending get to listen and learn from one of the best in field, they will also walk away from the workshop as the EIHA’s first GK1 coaches,” King continued.

The Education Programme are currently waiting for one final point to be finalised on Corsi seminar, and they will publish the schedule and put tickets on sale in the next week or so.

“This is just the beginning of the process and we plan to launch the GK2 next summer and a GK3 in due course,” said King.

“We have a passionate team and a pathway now for goalie coaches in this country with a long term plan now in place to give each kid that straps on a set of pads in this country access to coaches who can coach goalies.

“Ignorance is no longer an excuse.”

To book a place on the GK1 course in Bracknell go to of other GK1 courses will be published once they are confirmed.