May 30, 2020

The EIHA Education Programme is delighted to announce the formation of our ‘Strength and Conditioning’ team.

Alex Green, our head of strength and conditioning, has been undertaking an aggressive recruitment process since April and has been blown away with the strength of the applicants. We selected our team, shared our ambition and now are ready to launch our programme to help the players within the EIHA and ENTP to become improved athletes; by educating our coaches, players and parents to reduce player injury, improving movement and increasing mobility

Our vision is to educate all parents, players and coaches who are involved from U9’s up to u20’s and we want all EIHA members to understand what strength and conditioning is, the benefits of it and how it can be applied effectively to our players.

Due to the current social distancing restrictions, we have had to adapt the programme to suit certain methods of communication. These will start with webinars covering the following topics starting in early June.

1 – What is Strength & Conditioning
2 – How to apply Strength & Conditioning to Ice Hockey Players
3 – Functional movement screening with programmes to improve the scores

These sessions will remain post-Covid to be accessible for everyone.

Seminars will be launched once we are allowed to accommodate these based on Public Health England and government guidelines where we will introduce Strength & Conditioning Level 1 and Level 2.


Alex Green – Head of Strength and Conditioning

Jemma Pemberton – Regional S&C coach for the South East

Graduated from University of Kent in July 2019 with a BSc (hons) in Sports Therapy and currently studying for an MSc in Strength and conditioning at Middlesex University.

I have been the Sports Therapist for Chelmsford Chieftains Ice Hockey team for 4 seasons. Sports Therapist for Saracens Development Player Programme for 3 seasons. I have also worked as a Sports Therapist for Great Britain Bobsleigh team at the 2020 IBSF World Cup, Chelmsford and Southend RFC, and sports therapist and S&C coach for Repton Boxing Club.

Sam Kelvey – Regional S&C coach for the North West

An experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach; with a BSc in Exercise Science from Loughborough University, professional accreditation with the UKSCA, and currently completing a MSc from UCLan.

He spent 4 years working with Manchester Phoenix IHC alongside a range of other sports, including developing a highly successful athletic development programme at a Superleague Rugby League club.

James Morgan – Regional S&C coach for the North West

I have recently finished all studies towards my bachelors degree where I have been studying Sport Science: Strength and Conditioning.

I plan to progress on to my masters degree to study Strength and Conditioning and take my knowledge, combined with my knowledge of the sport from 10+ year playing between inline and ice hockey and help develop the next generation of British ice hockey talent.

Rupert Quinney – Regional S&C coach for the South West

In the last five years while playing hockey, I have been working hard to progress my career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, also gaining the relevant qualifications necessary to coach within the performance sport sector.

This includes achieving a first class degree for BSc Sports Science (Human Performance) in 2019, currently studying for my MSc in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Chichester, and working towards achieving UKSCA accreditation later this year.

Janis Krogzems – Regional S&C coach for the South West

Has worked with athletes in multiple sports, covering rehabilitation, injury prevention and exercise modification.

Part of the staff with Great Britain University men’s ice hockey team since last year and currently working with a National League rugby union club as a sports therapist.

Currently Studying at Marjons University for an MSc Sports Rehabilitation having graduated from the BSc in 2018.

Ali Emery – Regional S&C coach for the South West

Ali completed her BSc in Sports Rehabilitation at Middlesex University in 2012 and the MSc in Strength and Conditioning in 2015. Since 2012 she has worked as an active Sports Rehabilitation therapist and S&C coach in a range of environments from professional sport to injured military personnel.

Currently she lectures at St Mary’s University on the Sports Rehabilitation BSc & MSc degrees.

James Kelly – Regional S&C coach for the Midlands

Throughout my history within the S&C field I’ve always set to make a difference and improve athletes and performance through a holistic approach. Over the years I’ve fell more in love with the exciting, ever-evolving profession, that is Strength and Conditioning.

I’m always fascinated by the intriguing and important aspect of long term player development and enhancing athletic potential has witnessing the rewarding and motivating aspect an involvement within this holds knowing the considerable difference you can make to an athlete.

Stuart Edwards – Regional S&C coach for the Midlands

Alongside my RAF career, I have worked with several sports teams; currently holding the role of Performance Coach for the Peterborough Phantoms. Following my success in this role I was personally invited by the Head Coach of the Great Britain under 20s Ice Hockey Team to accompany them as Performance Coach for Two World Championships.

My desire to share my skills with others has led to the delivering of talks at coaching conferences as well as consulting in best practice. I am committed to educating individuals and teams on how improving their mental and physical performance can set them up to achieve their full potential.

James Hutchinson – Regional S&C coach for the North East

I represented 15 clubs at senior level, and played 14 years as a professional in the UK (Elite, BNL, EPL and NIHL) and France (Ligue Magnus).

I’ve had my own personal training and lifestyle company for 8 years and I love helping people achieve peak performance physically, emotionally and mentally.

Kevin Phillips – Regional S&C coach for the North East

I am passionate about sport and have played ice hockey for over 20 years. I am a qualified personal trainer and currently studying a BSc in Sports Coaching and Performance Science.

I am particularly keen to help young people engage positively with physical activity from an early age, both in terms of health and well-being but also the opportunities it affords and the development of many transferable skills.