July 13, 2019

The JLMC Events team are on the road this weekend – first up this afternoon is our first visit to the Sapphire Ice facility in Romford, home of the Junior Raiders as well as the senior teams too.

Leafs win the Stanley Cup at U9 tournamentEight teams have been drafted and will play round robin games from 4pm before medal games and one team wins the JLMC Stanley Cup!

Teams are Bruins, Rangers, Sharks, Flames, Oilers, Leafs, Kings and a surprise new team name.

BRUINS: Liam Peters, Felix Blyth, James Wilson, Oakley Waine, Thomas Flannery, Ella Insall, Teagan Walsh, Toby Hoggins, Abigail Ranson

RANGERS: Daniel Wilkins, Gavriil Tchernenko, Zach Johnson, Louis Insall, Jacint Gonda, Will Abbott, Riley Price, Casper Ward, Daniel Kostov

SHARKS: Kevin Keller, Zinnia Quilter, Zain Ramsey, Jasni Kern, Edward Ransom, Ray Smith, Kester Galano, Nathan Halverson, Samuel Hibbs

FLAMES: Austin Harris, Daniel Allen, Reid Price, Alicia Offord, Oliver Simmons, Blake Skillicorn-Aston, Theo Burge, Filip Ulicny, Zac Smith

OILERS: Nathan Dance, Oliver Hymns, Thomas Gritsch, George Vant, Riley Hubbuck, Frankie Brumwell, Francesca Voisey, Freya Price, Aiden Fong

LEAFS: Rocco Leone, Andrey Wilkinson, Austin Slater, Archie Collins, Ethan Burnett, Marko Fizel, Archie Down, Maxim Agresta, Owen Crow

KINGS: Iolo Thomas, Jacob Young, Mael Thomas, Monty Kaminskas, Alex Smith, Dylan Smith, Ollie Hagedorn, Brodie Kimber, Josephine Fong

SURPRISE!: Oliver Broyd, Ethan Lewis, Rory Hill, Lucas Young, Eleanor Worth, Riley Joyce, Niamh Walsh, Nico Haynes, Ida Oksanen

Registration is from 3pm today, first game is 4pm with the Stanley Cup Final scheduled just before 7.30pm this evening.

We hope all players, coaches, managers, volunteers and parents have a great day at Sapphire Ice!