Welcome to the exhilarating sport of ice hockey from all of us at the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA).

What is Ice Hockey?

jamboreeIt is the fastest team sport on the planet. It’s a sport built on discipline, respect, team work and speed. Hockey players need skill, determination and bundles of energy because ice hockey is hard work. Hockey is great to watch but it is even better to play. More than 2 Million players, both male and female play ice hockey for fun and enjoyment. Your local EIHA affiliated club will have everything needed to get you started.

Having taken the interest to look at our website we hope you will come and see what exciting ways we have to teach your child the skills for ice hockey and for life.

I have produced a booklet to provide you with information and inspiration in equal measure and that one of our clubs’ welcomes your family in to the great sport of Ice Hockey.

Charles Dacres

EIHA Junior League
Management Committee