May 4, 2018

This weekend the best junior teams in the country at all age groups converge on Sheffield to battle for the title of National Champions.

EIHA Junior Finals will see 27 games in three days at the Bauer Arena Ice Sheffield, with sixteen different clubs represented in the contest for five championships.

The action gets underway at 9am on Saturday morning and continues all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday with the last game – u11 Championship Final – scheduled for 6.40pm on Monday evening.

Admission to the Bauer Arena is free for spectators, although the JLMC will be raising funds for their nominated charities – British Heart Foundation and Great Ormond Street Hospital – by way of programmes, merchandise and raffles.

For those unable to make it to Sheffield, the JLMC broadcast partners will be streaming all games live on the internet – book your webcast online at to watch live or on demand.  Highlights from Junior Finals and other JLMC events will be shown on FreeSports later in the year.

The IHUK Under 20 National Final between Coventry and Fife is being shown live on FreeSports on Saturday afternoon, with commentary from Aaron Murphy and Paul Adey – fresh from calling the Great Britain gold medal success in Budapest last week.

You can see the full schedule for Junior Finals at this webpage.

Here we have a look at the teams taking part and run the rule over the league form and top scorers.

U13 semi final – Billingham v Streatham
Billingham – 1st in D1 North 18-2-0.  Top scorer Finn Bradon 43+24=67pts.
Streatham – 2nd in D1 South 15-4-1.  Top scorer Dylan Holicka 31+16=47pts.

U15 semi final – Nottingham v Guildford
Nottingham – 1st in D1 North 14-2-4.  Top scorer Jack Hopkins 26+30=56pts.
Guildford – 2nd in D1 South 15-4-1.  Top scorer Liam Steele 24+13=37pts.

U18 semi final – Billingham v Guildford
Billingham – 1st in D1 North 12-3-5.  Top scorer Ethan Hehir 29+31=60pts.
Guildford – 2nd in D1 South 15-5-0.  Top scorer Henry Salo 34+16=50pts.

U20 IHUK Final – Coventry v Fife
Coventry – 1st in EIHA 8-0-2.  Top scorer Jekabs Bisnieks 12+22=34pts.
Fife – 1st in SIHA 12-1-1.  Top scorer Garry Simpson 21+21=42pts.

U13 semi final – Chelmsford v Sheffield
Chelmsford – 1st in D1 South 16-2-2.  Top scorer Christopher Beckett 31+16=47pts.
Sheffield – 2nd in D1 North 15-3-2.  Top scorer Ethan Scholey 29+9=38pts.

U15 semi final – Chelmsford v Sheffield
Chelmsford – 1st in D1 South 16-2-2.  Top scorer Luca Pascale 20+20=40pts.
Sheffield – 2nd in D1 North 13-3-4.  Top scorer Jack Brammer 53+19=72pts.

U18 semi final – Okanagan v Telford
Okanagan – 1st in D1 South 18-1-1.  Top scorer Mikey Power 38+20=58pts.
Telford – 2nd in D1 North 12-5-3.  Top scorer Brodie Jesson 35+42=77pts.

U11 National Championships – Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Swindon, Peterborough, Haringey and Cardiff
Manchester – 1st in North 11-0-0.  Top scorer Kurts Baumanis 16+8=24pts.
Nottingham – 2nd in Midlands 5-6-0.  Top scorer Itsada Alden 8+4=12pts.
Sheffield – 1st in Midlands 12-0-0.  Top scorer Alex Rushby 27+12=39pts.
Bradford – 2nd in North 7-3-0.  Top scorer Daragh Spawforth 16+1=17pts.
Swindon – 1st in South West 10-0-2.  Top scorer Alexander Blakeman 12+4=16pts.
Peterborough – 2nd in South East 5-2-5.  Top scorer Max McEwan 10+1=11pts.
Haringey – 1st in South East 6-2-4.  Top scorer Ricards Misins 8+0=8pts.
Cardiff – 2nd in South West 7-4-1.  Top scorer Ethan Lock 7+4=11pts.

It promises to be an exciting, competitive weekend – good luck to all players and coaches and we hope all parents and supporters get behind their teams and enjoy the weekend.