March 27, 2018

The JLMC are pleased to confirm the teams and timetable for Good Friday’s U11 Conference Series event in Sheffield.

Originally scheduled for March 3, the event was postponed due to heavy snowfall and hazardous travel from all parts of the UK.  The re-scheduled event features four of the five Conference sides.

Action gets underway at 7.15am and the four sides play a full round robin.  The sides are ranked and will play semi finals 1v4 2v3 followed by a bronze medal and gold medal game.  Each team will therefore play five matches.

Admission to Bauer Arena Ice Sheffield is free for spectators.

Our broadcast partners will be covering the event and a webcast of all games is available – check >>this link<< for information how to order the webcast.

Photographs on the day will be taken by MyTeamPhoto and will be available to purchase online shortly after the end of the competition.


NORTHERN: 1 Emily Johnson Kingston, 2 Jordan O’Brien Bradford, 3 Jake Wigginton Bradford, 4 Meeyah Forbes Kingston, 5 Ethan Hall Kingston, 6 Liam Hine Manchester, 7 Connor Lee Manchester, 8 Joshua Milnes Manchester, 9 Lucas Campion Billingham, 10 Felix Sorensen Kingston, 11 Jonas Bennett Manchester, 12 Josh Crawley Manchester, 14 Jake Bedford Bradford, 16 Daragh Spawforth Bradford, 17 Noah Kaarianien Manchester, 18 Jayson Burgess Manchester, 20 Jason Roscoe Manchester, 21 Cian Shorrock Blackburn, 22 Harrison O’Connor Billingham.

SCOTLAND: 3 Charlie Coulson Dundee, 4 Robbie Thomson Lanarkshire, 5 Ewan Duignan Solway, 6 Joe Somerville Kirkcaldy, 7 Jayden Baxter Dundee, 8 Bailey Yates Lanarkshire, 9 Michael Duffy Lanarkshire, 10 Jude Beattie Belfast, 11 Liam Houston North Ayr, 12 Bailey Thomson Solway, 13 Robert Henderson Lanarkshire, 14 Ethan Hardie Dundee, 15 Flynn Massie North Ayr, 17 Matthew Dobie Kirkcaldy, 18 John Haig Kirkcaldy, 19 Ruby Newlands Kilmarnock, 20 Marco Guerriot Murrayfield, 21 Owen Rae Solway, 22 Cole Giannandrea Kirkcaldy, 23 Ethan Hadden, Kirkcaldy, 24 Cody Adams Murrayfield, 31 Logan Reid Kilmarnock, 35 Cameron Kenny Kirkcaldy.

SOUTH EAST: 1 Heath Prentice Invicta, 3 Frankie Smith Invicta, 4 Eden Rolfe Chelmsford, 5 Nikita Bzozovskis Haringey, 8 Jake Hill Chelmsford, 9 Harry Vant Chelmsford, 10 Joe Tomalin Chelmsford, 11 George Ratcliffe Bracknell, 12 Louie Kynaston Peterborough, 14 Jude Affleck Bracknell, 15 Leon Raj Chelmsford, 16 Matvey Nikiforov Haringey, 17 Vaughn Quilter Chelmsford,
18 Finn Lee Markey Peterborough, 19 Joseph Lyne Chelmsford, 20 Charlotte Horvath Chelmsford, 21 Marcus Bradley Slough, 22 Phillip Maguire Streatham, 23 Brynley Capps Streatham, 24 Harrison Prentice Invicta, 25 Lewis Byrne Peterborough.

SOUTH WEST: 1 Ben Clarke Leach Swindon, 2 Alex Rimko Cardiff, 3 Josh Burnett Swindon, 4 Ryan Keepence Swindon, 5 Oscar Godfrey Swindon, 6 Dylan Remmington M.Keynes, 7 Felix Hemmings Maher Basingstoke, 8 Luca Biddulph Guildford, 9 Sean Reynolds Guildford, 10 Joel Meyers Guildford, 11 Josh Poole Cardiff, 12 Ethan Lock Cardiff, 13 Nicholas Martin M. Keynes, 14 Huw Eden Parrish Oxford, 15 McCallum Forshee Swindon, 16 Luca Kirke Brown Swindon, 17 Leilo Bellamy Cardiff, 19 Brandon West Basingstoke, 20 Zico Flood Symonds M.Keynes, 21 Nikolai Divall Guildford.


Game 1 7.15am Scotland v South East
Game 2 8.20am South West v North
Ice Cut
Game 3 9.35am South East v North
Game 4 10.40am Scotland South West
Ice Cut
Game 5 11.55am South West South East
Game 6 1.00pm North Scotland
Ice Cut
Game 7 2.15pm 1st v 4th
Game 8 3.20pm 2nd 3rd
Ice Cut
Game 9 4.35pm Loser Gm7 v Loser Gm7
Game 10 5.40pm Winner Gm7 v Winner Gm8
Finish approx 6.40pm

Game Length 3 x 15 Minutes Periods (2 periods running time, third period stop time)