November 3, 2017

The four EIHA conferences have named their squads for tomorrow’s first U11 Conference Series event in Dumfries.

Scottish Ice Hockey named their team earlier this week for the ‘home’ leg of the tournament, which sees the five conferences meet three times before the Conference Weekend in May.

Play gets underway at Dumfries Ice Bowl at 6.45am on Saturday with the teams playing ten games throughout the day in a round robin format.  Full schedule can be found in Monday’s news item. Admission is free for spectators.

There will be regular updates from the tournament on EIHA’s social media platforms – follow us on Twitter @EIHA_Official, Facebook @EIHAOfficial and Instagram @eihaofficial.


Goalies: Alfie Blakely (Sutton), Elliott Russan (Coventry)

Skaters: Casper Peake (Coventry), Finley Williams (Sheffield), Tyler Dodd (Nottingham), Lewis Reid (Nottingham), Alex Rushby (Sheffield), Harry Exley (Sheffield), James Mather (Coventry), Joe Everitt (Telford), Lincoln Wake (Sheffield), Luke Birchnall (Nottingham), Miles Jones (Sheffield), Parson Mehrvand (Nottingham), Taylor Stanton (Telford), Theo Rooke (Coventry), Zachary Baker (Solihull), Regan Kidd (Sheffield), Aiden Dancer (Sheffield), Liam Oughton-Shaw (Nottingham)

Staff: head coach Martin White, assistants Ashley Stanton and Jeff Colton, manager Emma Adams, bench staff Richard Dancer

north banner

Goalies: Emily Johnson (Hull), Jason Roscoe (Manchester)

Skaters: Jordan O’Brien (Bradford), Jake Wigginton (Bradford), Connor Lee (Manchester), Leo Cooper (Manchester), Liam Hine (Manchester), Meeyah Forbes (Hull), Joshua Milnes (Manchester), Lucas Campion (Billingham), Felix Sorensen (Hull), Jonas Bennett (Manchester), Josh Crawley (Manchester), Beau Reader (Hull), Jake Bedford (Bradford), Rocky Jenkinson (Hull), Darragh Spawforth (Bradford), Noah Kaariainen (Manchester), Harrison O’Connor (Billingham), Cian Shorrock (Blackburn)

Staff: head coaches Kirsten Deighton and Mike Forbes, manager Michelle Leigh, assistant manager Neil Spawforth

south east banner

Goalies: Sasha Bravo (Peterborough), Daniel Nefedov (Streatham)

Skaters: Nikita Bzozovskis (Haringey), Matthew Saville (Peterborough), Harrison Prentice (Invicta), Brynley Capps (Streatham), Philip Maguire (Streatham), Marcus Bradley (Slough), Alex Benson (Haringey), Jude Affleck (Bracknell), Joe Tomalin (Chelmsford), Louie Kynaston (Peterborough), George Beckett (Chelmsford), Finn Markey (Peterborough), William Nyszczyj (Haringey), Alex Howe (Chelmsford), Joseph Lyne (Chelmsford), Vaughn Quilter (Chelmsford), Jake Hill (Chelmsford), Charlie Hernandez (Haringey)

Staff: head coach Alan Blyth, assistants Rob Dell and Mark Saunders, manager Peter Billing, assistant Charis Blyth


Goalies: Ben Leach (Swindon), Nikolai Divall (Guildford)

Skaters: Aaron Wilkins (Guildford), Jonah Harvey (Guildford), James Vickers (Cardiff), Oscar Godfrey (Swindon), Ryan Keepence (Swindon), Sean Reynolds (Guildford), Luca Biddulph (Guildford), Jack Onslow (Guildford), Josh Poole (Cardiff), Ethan Lock (Cardiff), Alfie Stone (Cardiff), Ethan Taylor (Swindon), Huw Parrish (Oxford), Leilo Bellamy (Cardiff), Alex Blakeman (Swindon), Bradon West (Basingstoke), Harry Tempest (Basingstoke), Alfie Goddard (Solent)

Staff: head coach Andy Hemmings, assistants Chris Beal and Sam Motton, manager Marilyn Parsons