January 4, 2018

The JLMC are pleased to confirm details for the second U11 Conference Series event, which takes place this Saturday in Sheffield.

As part of the plan to give Conference sides more competitive games the U11 series began in Dumfries in November where the South East came out on top.  There will be a third installment in early March ahead of the full Conference Tournament in late May.

Saturday’s action at Ice Sheffield on the main Bauer Arena pad will see the five Conference sides play a round robin tournament with ten games.  Matches are 3×15 periods with the first two periods running clock, stop clock in period three.

Admission for spectators is free for the u11 Conference Series while there will be programmes and merchandise available to purchase.

247 TV are filming the event and games are available to watch online at www.247.tv/live with full commentary from rinkside.

Official photographs are being taken by My Team Photo and they will have a stand on the concourse for anyone wishing to purchase framed montages on the day, while an online gallery will be published after the event.

Following the Conference Series, there is an NIHL game between Sheffield Steeldogs and Deeside Dragons (faceoff 7.30pm).  Thanks to the management of the Steeldogs all Conference Series players and staff are invited to stay and watch free of charge.

Accompanying adults can purchase tickets at the concession rate while for siblings of players tickets are just £3 instead of £6.  Promotion tickets should be collected/purchased from the Steeldogs promotions desk in the rink entrance.

JLMC event manager Gordon Douglas said: “It promises to be another packed day of junior hockey with the very best players from across the UK at this age group.  The first event in Dumfries set the standard and I’m sure the players and coaches from the Conference teams want to maintain or improve on that.

“We’re excited by the Conference Series and grateful to 247 for the webcast and My Team Photo giving us some fantastic images from our events.

“A big thank you to Sheffield Steeldogs too for inviting our players and staff to watch the NIHL game on Saturday evening.  I know a lot of players watched before the Winter Classic, hopefully people are able to take advantage of the offer this weekend and watch some great league hockey to complete a full day of ice hockey.”

The games begin at 7am on Saturday morning running through to a close of play around 6.30pm.


Game 1 7.00am North v South West
Game 2 8.05am South East v Scotland
Ice Cut
Game 3 9.20am Midlands v North
Game 4 10.25am South West v Scotland
Ice Cut
Game 5 11.40am South East v Midlands
Game 6 12.45pm Scotland v North
Ice Cut
Game 7 2.00pm South West v Midlands
Game 8 3.05pm South East v North
Ice Cut
Game 9 4.20pm Scotland v Midlands
Game 10 5.25pm South West v South East
Close approx 6.30pm


1 Scarlett Richardson Nottingham, 2 Itada (Charlie) Alden Nottingham, 3 Lincoln Wake Sheffield, 4 Miles Jones Sheffield, 5 Taylor Stanton Telford, 6 Theo Rooke Coventry, 7 Harry Exley Sheffield, 8 Aiden Dancer Sheffield, 9 Gabrial Bakalar Nottingham, 10 Lennon Weeks Sheffield, 11 Regan Kidd Sheffield, 12 Luke Birchnall Nottingham, 13 Emlyn Hall Nottingham, 14 Finley Williams Sheffield, 15 Alex Rushby Sheffield, 16 Finlay Heraghty Sheffield, 18 James Mather Coventry, 19 Casper Peake Coventry, 20 Alfie Blakely Sutton, 21 Tyler Dodd Nottingham, 22 Arlen Newton Nottingham, 23 Paron Mehrvand Nottingham.  Head Coach: Martin White, Asst Coach: Ashley Stanton, Asst Coach: Jeff Colton, Bench: Steve Weeks, Manager: Emma Adams.

1 Emily Johnson Kingston, 2 Jordan O’Brien Bradford, 3 Jake Wigginton Bradford, 4 Connor Lee Manchester, 5 Ethan Hall Kingston, 6 Liam Hine Manchester, 7 Meeyah Forbes Kingston, 8 Joshua Milnes Manchester, 9 Lucas Campion Billingham, 10 Felix Sorensen Kingston, 11 Jonas Bennett Manchester, 13 Beau Reader Kingston, 14 Jake Bedford Bradford, 15 Rocky Jenkinson Kingston, 16 Daragh Spawforth Bradford, 17 Noah Kaarianien Manchester, 18 Jayson Burgess Manchester, 20 Jayson Roscoe Manchester, 21 Cain Shorrock Blackburn, 22 Harrison O’Connor Billingham.  Head Coach: Kirsten Deighton, Head Coach: Mike Forbes, Manager: Michelle Leigh, Assistant Manager: Neil Spawforth.

31 Logan Reid Kilmarnock, 33 Zak Blakeley Lanarkshire, 35 Cameron Kenny Kirkcaldy, 3 Charlie Coulson Dundee, 4 Robbie Thomson Lanarkshire, 5 Ewan Duignan Solway, 6 Joe Somerville Kirkcaldy, 7 Jayden Baxter Dundee, 8 Bailey Yates Lanarkshire, 9 Michael Duffy Lanarkshire, 10 Jude Beattie Belfast, 11 Liam Houston North Ayr, 12 Bailey Thomson Solway, 13 Robert Henderson Lanarkshire, 14 Ethan Hardie Dundee, 15 Flynn Massie North Ayr, 16 Jarred Dolan Dundee, 17 Matthew Dobie Kirkcaldy, 18 John Haig Kirkcaldy, 19 Ruby Newlands Kilmarnock, 20 Marco Guerriot Murrayfield, 21 Owen Rae Solway, 22 Cole Giannandrea Kirkcaldy, 23 Ethan Hadden Kirkcaldy, 24 Cody Adams Murrayfield.  Head Coach: Dave Edmonds, Asst Coach: Brian Malcolm, Asst Coach: Paul Shevlin, Manager: William Somerville.

2 Kyle Riley Peterborough, 3 Eden Rolfe Chelmsford, 4 Matthew Saville Peterborough, 5 Franky Smith Invicta, 6 Alex Benson Haringey, 7 Brynley Capps Streatham, 8 Alex Howe Chelmsford, 9 Joseph Lyne Chelmsford, 10 Charlie Hernandez Haringey, 11 Matvey Nikiforov Haringey, 12 Alexander Nosinov Haringey, 14 George Ratcliffe Bracknell, 15 Lewis Bryne Peterborough, 16 Alex Rosam Slough, 17 Leo Raj Chelmsford, 18 Louie Kynaston Peterborough, 19 Matthew Steinegger Streatham, 20 Luke Conley Chelmsford, 21 Joe Tomalin Chelmsford, 22 Harry Vant Chelmsford, 25 Finn Lee Markey Peterborough, 30 Lewis Tudman Peterborough.  Head Coach: Alan Blyth, Asst Coach: Rob Dell, Asst Coach: Mark Saunders, Manager: Peter Billing, Asst Manager: Charis Blyth, Off Ice Team Official: Lynne Billing.

1 Nikolai Divall Guildford, 21 Aidon O’Dell Basingstoke, 2 Alex Rimko Cardiff, 3 James Vickers Cardiff, 4 Felix Hemmings Maher Basingstoke, 5 Dylan Remmington M/Keynes, 6 Aaron Wilkins Guildford, 7 Jonah Harvey Guildford, 8 Sean Reynolds Guildford, 9 Joel Meyers Guildford, 10 Nicholas Martin M/Keynes, 11 McCallum Forshee Swindon, 12 Luca Kirk Browne Swindon, 13 Zico Flood Symonds M/Keynes, 14 Alfie Goddard Gosport, 15 Harry Tempest Basingstoke, 16 Alex Blakeman Swindon, 17 Jack Onslow Guildford, 18 Ethan Taylor Swindon, 19 Alfie Stone Cardiff.  Head Coach: Andy Hemmings, Asst Coach: Chris Beal, Asst Coach: Sam Moton, Manager: Marilyn Parsons.