October 24, 2019

Following the success of the previous “Power of” events, the ENTP in conjunction with the Conference Programme have worked together to select players for the Power of Eleven on Friday 1st November at Ice Sheffield.

Power of Eleven head coach Mark Saunders, working with Alan Hague and Jeff Colton have selected a number of players to participate in this next development day.

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to be trained by the England coaches.

Elliott Russan – Coventry
Heath Prentice – Invicta
Lewis Hellewell – Cardiff
Thomas Flint – Sheffield
Emily Johnson – Kingston

Felix Hemmings-Maher – Basingstoke
James Vickers – Cardiff
Joel Meyers – Guildford
Theo Howgego – Guildford
Thomas Onlsow – Guildford
Lewis Bryne – Peterborough
Finn Lee Markey – Peterborough
Vaughn Quilter – Romford
James Wilson – Streatham
Finley Williams – Sheffield
Theo Thomas – Nottingham
Samuel Burrows – Sheffield
Oliver Matthewman – Sheffield
Jonas Bennett – Manchester
Felix Sorenson – Kingston
Dylan Smoth – Kingston
Liam Hine – Manchester
Bailey Thomas – Manchester

Sean Reynolds – Guildford
Lucas Fong – Guildford
Ethan Lock – Guildford
Ethan Taylor – Swindon
Josh Poole – Swindon
Alfie Goddard – Guildford
Joshua Seeback – Guildford
Harry Vant – Romford
Ricards Misins – Haringey
Leon Raj – Romford
Leilo Bellamy – Bracknell
Daniel Bird – Bracknell
Charles Gaskins – Bracknell
Finlay Spearing – Bracknell
AJ Herring – Peterborough
Taylor Stanton – Telford
Alex Rushby – Sheffield
Lewis Swaffield – Coventry
Will Weaver – Coventry
Joshua Rowlands – Nottingham
Joseph Matthewman – Sheffield
Joshua Hartley – Sheffield
Ewan Woodward – Nottingham
Ethan Dunn – Whitley Bay
Daragh Spawforth – Bradford
Meeyah Forbes – Kingston
Beau Reader – Kingston
Oliver Jardine – Whitley Bay

For future admin of the event can all above named players request access to the to the TeamApp group “PO11 2019-20 (Invitation only)” group by going to settings, access group and request access.