May 22, 2019

The Junior Leagues end of season showpiece continues this weekend in Sheffield, as National Finals for u11 to u18 take place across the bank holiday weekend.

After the U20 took the limelight last weekend, the top junior teams from u11, u13, u15 and u18 have their time to shine at Bauer Arena Ice Sheffield with no fewer than 27 games across the three days.

In the lowest age group, the Under 11 are once again having an expanded Finals tournament with eight teams playing round robin games in two groups all day on Saturday.  The top two sides from each group will qualify for semi finals on Sunday before their Grand Final later that day.

The u13, u15 and u18 stick to the tried and tested format with semi finals based on league placings – the first placed team in the north takes on the second placed team from the south and vice versa.  Semi finals take place throughout Sunday’s schedule.

Bank Holiday Monday features bronze medal games for u13, u15 and u18 in the morning before the respective National Finals take place in the afternoon.  The full schedule is reproduced below.

Admission for spectators at Bauer Arena is free of charge, although there will be programmes and raffle tickets on sale on the concourse.

JLMC chair Charles Dacres said: “This is the biggest weekend of the club hockey calendar with the very best teams at each age group showing their talents on the ice.  We’re delighted to welcome the players, staff, parents and supporters to Sheffield, we wish everyone the very best of luck and look forward to an exciting weekend of junior ice hockey.”

For those unable to attend in person, games can be viewed online thanks to – go to their website to purchase your webcasts.


8.00am U11 Group A – Manchester v Nottingham
9.05am U11 Group B – Sheffield v Bradford
10.20am U11 Group – A Cardiff v Peterborough
11.25am U11 Group B – Haringey v Guildford
12.40am U11 Group A – Nottingham v Cardiff
1.55pm u11 Group B – Bradford v Haringey
3.00pm u11 Group A – Peterborough v Manchester
4.15pm u11 Group B – Guildford v Sheffield
5.20pm U11 Group A – Manchester v Cardiff
6.35pm U11 Group B – Sheffield v Haringey
7.40pm U11 Group A – Nottingham v Peterbrorough
8.55pm U11 Group B – Bradford v Guildford

8.00am U13 Semi Final – Sheffield v Swindon
9.30am U13 Semi Final – Streatham v Nottingham
11.15am U15 Semi Final – Nottingham v Guildford
1.00pm U11s Semi Final – 1st Group A v 2nd Group B
2.00pm U11s Semi Final – 1st Group B v 2nd Group A
3.15pm U15 Semi Final – Streatham v Kingston
5.00pm U18 Semi Final – Sheffield v Swindon
6.45pm U11s National Final – Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
8.00pm U18 Semi Final – OHA v Telford

9.00am U13 – Bronze Medal Game
10.30am U15 – Bronze Medal Game
12.15am U18 – Bronze Medal Game
2.15pm U13 – National Final
3.45pm U15 – National Final
5.30pm U18 – National Final