November 30, 2017

It’s been a month since our last roundup, with more action taking place in the many EIHA Junior Leagues – from u9 cross ice through to u18s.  Here’s a whistle stop tour of all divisions, North and South, in the EIHA Junior Leagues.


U18 – 1
Last week Billingham won 8-2 over Kingston, while Coventry were 13-2 victors at home to Bradford. In the standings Telford remain top with 14pts from eight games, ahead of Billingham (12pts, eight games). Coventry (9), Sheffield (5), Bradford (4) and Kingston (2) complete the division.

Telford’s Brodie Jesson (17+18=35) heads the points charts, Coventry’s Massimo Agostini is the leader for goalies with .952 save percentage.

U18 – 2
Nottingham and Sutton picked up wins last weekend over Manchester and Deeside respectively. There’s a three-way tie at the top on 12pts – Nottingham and Whitley Bay have played seven games, Sutton have played six. Manchester have 4pts from seven games, followed by Deeside and Sheffield.

Jack Crowston (Nottingham) is leading scorer at the moment with 27+21=48, teammate Luca Sheldon tops the goalie stats with phenomenal .981 save percentage.

U18 – 3
Solihull picked up a first win of the season last weekend at Grimsby in the division’s only game. Sutton are top of the table on 8pts, Blackburn are on 6, Nottingham 4, Solihull 2 and Grimsby yet to get off the mark. All sides have played four games.

Blackburn’s Ronnie Grimes is ahead on the scoring tables with 16+3=19. Sutton dominate the goalie charts – Nicholas Winters .981, Lewis King .928 and Ben Ward .923 hold the top three places.

U15 – 1
Last weekend Sheffield won convincingly at Telford, while Coventry edged a narrow win at Billingham. Sheffield hold top spot with 14pts from eight games – six wins and two draws to remain unbeaten. Bradford are second on 12 followed by Nottingham (10). Coventry, Billingham and Telford complete the division.

Alex Graham from Bradford heads the points table with 25+19=44. Sheffield’s Jack Brammer also has 25 goals but only seven assists. Alexander Oldale of Sheffield is the top goalie at the moment with .945 save percentage.

U15 – 2
This eight team division saw Sutton beat Nottingham last Saturday, while Sheffield and Solihull tied 5-5 on Sunday. Sutton are a perfect six from six at the head of the table, while three teams have seven points – Whitley, Kingston and Sheffield. Manchester, Solihull, Nottingham and Deeside complete the division.

Sutton’s Andras Kehl is leading scorer with 24+11=35. Whitley’s Bobby Campbell is top performing goalie at the moment with .886 just ahead of Sheffield’s Evan Byron-Bates .881.

U13 – 1
Nottingham’s 5-3 win over Bradford was the only game of last weekend. Billingham are clear at the top presently with seven wins from seven and 14pts. Sheffield (10) are second with Nottingham, Bradford, Coventry and Kingston rounding out the league standings.

Billingham have five of the top six scorers, headed by Finley Bradon (22+13=35). Ryan Wardell completes the Teesside dominance of the division with .929 save percentage to lead the league.

U13 – 2
Telford’s win at Sutton and Whitley’s win over Sheffield were the two games in the league last weekend. Manchester Storm are top with ten points from five games, Telford also have ten but played a game more. Sutton, Whitley, Deeside and Sheffield complete the lineup.

Daniels Serkins of Telford is well clear in the scoring charts with 35+7=42. Alexander Payne of Manchester is top of the goalie charts currently with .953 save percentage.

U13 – 3
Manchester are also leading in Division 3 with their second u13 team. They have 8pts from five games. Solihull have six points but only played three games, winning them all. Nottingham, Grimsby and Blackburn round off the division.

Cian Shorrock (Blackburn) and Dominic Whittingham (Solihull) have identical 12+2=14 figures at the head of the stats. There are two players just a point behind them. Barney Prados of Grimsby has .960 save percentage but just from one game. Solihull pair Jamie Ryan .928 and Joel Bearman .909 are chasing him down.

Sheffield made it seven from seven with a big win over Nottingham last weekend. Nottingham have four points, Coventry 2 and Telford yet to get off the mark.

Manchester lead the way with five wins from five games, ahead of Kingston (6), Bradford (4) and Whitley Bay (0).

All to play for with Billingham and Manchester on four points, Blackburn on two and Grimsby in fourth place.

Sheffield and Sutton have four points each, Solihull and Deeside complete the division.

Teams played from one to three games – three sides have 100% win records: Coventry (3/3), Manchester (2/2) and Sheffield (1/1). Kingston, Nottingham, Whitley, Bradford and Telford round out the eight-team division.

Another division with variety of games played. Sheffield have won 2/2 to lead the standings, but with two teams yet to play any games in the division it’s still wide open. Blackburn and Deeside have two points, followed by Grimsby, Solihull, Manchester, Sutton and Billingham to complete the league.

Next jamboree is at Solihull on December 16 as Coventry, Deeside, Nottingham, Peterborough, Sheffield, Sutton and Telford continue their competition.

Kingston hosts the latest round on December 2 featuring Billingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Grimsby, Manchester and Whitley.


U18 – 1
OHA won a home and home series with Guildford over the past week to move clear at the top of the standings. The Academy have 16pts from eight games ahead of Chemlsford on 12pts (ten games). Guildford are third, followed by Swindon, Basingstoke and Bracknell.

Mikey Power of OHA heads the points charts with 20+10=30 ahead of Chelmsford’s Tommy Huggett (17+9=26). Tyler Perre of OHA leads the goalies with .922, Brad Windebank of Chelmsford is second on .905.

U18 – 2
There’s a three-way tie at the top of D2, with Cardiff, Invicta and Streatham all on 8pts. Cardiff have won 4/4, Invicta have 4/5 and Streatham 4/6. Peterborough (3/3) are on 6pts with Slough and Haringey, followed by Milton Keynes, Lee Valley and Oxford.

Peterborough’s Jarvis Hunt has 17+4=21 to lead all scorers, and as they have yet to concede a goal in the league their goalies Luke Clark and Jared Fraley have a perfect save percentage so far.

U18 – 3
Chelmsford lead the way with 9pts from six games. Solent have 7pts from five, Bracknell 6pts from five. Invicta round out the division, yet to win in six games.

Chelmsford’s Rowan Champney heads the scoring charts with 8+14=22. Teammate Billy Cook saved all shots faced in his only game so far (1.000) while Ella Howard, also of Chelmsford, has .902 save percentage.

U15 – 1
Last weekend Slough won at Cardiff, while Peterborough and Bracknell tied 1-1. It’s Slough who lead the way with 13pts from eight games. Guildford are second on 11pts, Chelmsford have a 100% record with five wins from five and 10pts. Then it’s Peterborough, Bracknell and Cardiff.

Guildford’s Liam Steele (11+5=16) is top of the points tables, while between the pipes Emma Nichols of Chelmsford has posted .961 just ahead of Ella Howard’s .960 save percentage.

U15 – 2
Invicta won 4-1 at Milton Keynes in last weekend’s only game. Streatham head the standings with perfect seven wins from seven. Basingstoke have 12pts from seven games in second, followed by Invicta, Swindon, Milton Keynes and Haringey.

In the scoring charts, Streatham have three of the top four headed by Harry Corkum (5+14=19). Basingstoke goalies are top of the charts with Thomas Vistuer .963 and Kayla Poole .958 heading the save percentages.

U15 – 3
Oxford lead the four-team division with 10pts from seven games. Solent have three wins from only three games, followed by Bracknell and Lee Valley.

Solent’s Kodi Coles has 8+4=12 from three games to lead the points charts, while teammate Levi Coles has .882 save percentage.

U13 – 1
Streatham edged Bracknell 6-5 in last weekend’s only game, and it is Streatham who head the table into December. They have 14pts from nine games, clear of Chelmsford and Swindon who have 9pts each. Guildford, Peterborough and Bracknell.

Dylan Holicka of Streatham is top of the scoring charts with 16+6=22, Chelmsford’s Luca Tessadri leads the way among goalies with .932 save percentage.

U13 – 2
Milton Keynes were winners at Slough in last weekend’s game. Basingstoke are top of the table but the league is very competitive- two points from first to fifth. Haringey have won four from four in second place followed by Milton Keynes, Slough, Invicta and Cardiff to round out the league.

Invicta’s Oliver Wagg (25+8=33) leads the points tables, while Kayla Poole of Basingstoke heads the goalie charts with save percentage of .895.

U13 – 3
High-scoring Solent top the division with seven wins from seven games. Streatham (10pts) are second, ahead of Haringey (8pts) third. Oxford, Chelmsford, Bracknell, Cardiff, Milton Keynes and Lee Valley complete the nine-team division.

Riley Panter of Solent has 32+9=41 closely followed by Philp Maguire of Streatham who also has 32 goals (32+3=35). Faebian Witter from Streatham has posted a .961 save percentage in the goalie stats.

U11 – SE Div 1
Peterborough have 6pts, ahead of Haringey and Chelmsford on 4pts and Streatham completing the lineup on 2pts.

U11 – SE Div 2
Bracknell (10pts) are top of the six-team league, with Invicta (8pts) in second. Slough, Peterborough, Chelmsford and Lee Valley round out the standings.

U11 – SW Div 1
Swindon and Cardiff have 6pts each, ahead of Guildford and Basingstoke in the division.

U11 – SW Div 2
Milton Keynes are perfect 4/4 (8pts) followed by Solent (4pts). Cardiff and Oxford complete the lineup.

Swindon are in first place with 8pts from five games, Peterborough and Haringey each have 4pts. Chelmsford, Guildford, Cardiff, Basingstoke and Streatham finish the division.

Next jamboree is at Bracknell on Sunday 3 December featuring hosts plus Guildford, Solent and Basingstoke. Milton Keynes hosts an event on December 9, with Guildford and Slough each hosting on December 10.


All Junior League tables, results and stats can be viewed on EIHA website courtesy of Fixtures Live.

North juniors homepage is >>here<<, while the page for the South juniors is >>here<<.