June 14, 2017

The Junior League Management Committee (JLMC) section meeting took place last weekend and among the many agenda items, JLMC chair Jacqueline Pye presented two Development Awards.

Clubs compete on the ice for eight or nine months of the year and those winning leagues and nationals are rewarded with trophies.  However there is also the ‘sport for all’ and development side of running junior clubs, and these annual awards take that into account.

Factors such as recruitment of new members, retention of and development for existing members also play a part in the selection criteria.

The 2017 Development Awards were presented to Coventry Blaze for the North/Midlands and to Cardiff for the South.

Blaze head coach Sean Alderson picked up the trophy for Coventry in the main photograph.

Jacqueline Pye said: “The awards recognise the work done in clubs that doesn’t necessarily show in league tables and cup finals.  Cardiff and Coventry have done a lot of work to recruit new members as well as hold on to existing players across their age groups and they are deserving winners of the trophies.

“The section meeting was an excellent day and we look forward to rolling out plans for the 17/18 season very shortly.”