27.12. – 29.12 2015 – Age group (Under 2000)

Tournament will be held at BUDAPEST ICECENTER Ice Arena (with two ice rinks)

Before the tournament player’s age will be checked by passports.

6-8 teams take part in the tournament. Each team plays 4-5 games.

6 teams tournament:

After 2 games in groups, teams play ¼ finals: AII-BIII, BII-AIII, semifinals: AI-W (BII-AIII), BI-W (AII-BIII) and place (final) games.

8 teams tournament:

After 3 games in groups, teams play semifinals: AI-BII, BI-AII, AIII-BIV, BIII-AIV and place (final) games.

Maximum 20 players /team (18 players and 2 goalkeepers).

Each team can include maximum 5 players born after the 1st of September of the previous year and girls born in the previous year.

Group games and Semi-finals:

3×15 minutes (stopped time), 5 min. warming up (no puck). Ice making before games (warming up).

If the goal difference is 3 or more, off-ice officials can order the running time. In the case of slide, and if in the third period the goal difference is more than 2,

the off-ice officials can order the running time. If the goal difference decrease to 1, the original rules (stopped time) have to be used.

Final games:

3×20 min (stopped time), ice-making before games and after the 1st period.

IIHF rules are valid.

AWARDS: First 3 places get gold, silver and bronze medals. All other teams get memorial medals.

Personal awards in the end of the tournament: best goalkeeper, defenseman, forward, king of goals.

After each game „Player of the game” award – one from each team. (One player can have it only once.)

Entry fee: 300 EUR / team

Participation fee:

1. 1. Hotel POLUS*** (or similar category): 30 EUR/night/player (accommodation and 3-times meal are included).

2. Hotel Holiday Beach**** (or similar category):40 EUR/night/player (accommodation and 3-times meal are included).


Meals: buffet breakfast in the Hotel, lunch and dinner in the Ice Arena

Our address: info@icecenter.hu

Phone: +36-30-466-19-59, Fax: 36-1- 232-13-01


If your team will decide to participate please fill in and send us back Application Form and Registration form with the logo and photo of your team, we will need them for the booklet of the tournament.

We’ll really appreciate if you’ll forward this information for the other teams, which can be interested in participation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope to greet you in Budapest soon!

Best regards,

Victoria Menyhart

+36 30 466 19 59

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