The Working Group’s terms of reference are based on the resolutions that the EIHA members passed at the EGM in the autumn, although the Working Group has recognised that there are various stages to the resolutions so is focussing on an initial stage which is: to review the current governance situation of the EIHA and ice hockey in the UK (including its involvement with Ice Hockey UK) and to recommend the best way forward for the EIHA members in the context of both English and UK ice hockey.

This will include considering the pros and cons (benefits, risks, challenges etc) of so-called unification with Ice Hockey UK as well as considering any alternative options. The Working Group will also give initial consideration to the state of EIHA’s own governance, however at this stage it will not involve a detailed review of EIHA’s own governance as the decision whether to proceed with that or not (and subsequent recommendations) will depend on the broader recommendations that the Working Group come up with and the subsequent decision that EIHA take.

As previously reported, the Working Group plans to update members on its recommendations at a meeting on Sunday 1 July in Stratford upon Avon.

Depending on the view taken by EIHA members on the Working Group’s recommendations, there may then need to be second stage e.g. a more detailed review of the governance/decision-making structures and processes and involvement of other stakeholders in the sport across the UK.