February 22, 2020

The EIHA Board is pleased to give members an update on the governance journey.

Following the Association’s AGM in December, the board agreed to work towards a more detailed proposal in support of moving the sport to a single national governing body in line with the proposals outlined in summer 2019.

The Board has committed to supporting further consultation with stakeholders from across the various bodies in the UK to support a detailed strategy and operational plan for delivering a progressive and well managed organisation in supporting our members.

The first part of this was published prior to Christmas seeking the views of members on the direction of travel for the strategy and received positive feedback to date. The EIHA is now pleased to release the second part of this outlining the strategic priorities for the new body and a headline four-year plan to help the new body deliver a shared vision for the sport.

EIHA Director Andrew Miller said: “The sport is in a strong position to take the next step in unifying under one governing body giving the opportunity to work better together for the benefit of our athletes, our young people, our volunteers and our supporters for the long term success of ice hockey in the UK.”

Following publication of this document, consultation on the strategy is open until Friday March 6, 2020 and members are encouraged to send their views to the mailbox governance@eiha.co.uk so the board can best represent these within the next phase of planning.

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