June 9, 2018

The EIHA Governance Working Group have published their final report, making a total of 12 recommendations for the future governance of the sport in England & Wales and the wider UK.

Under the independent chairman Jonathan Hall, the group have taken soundings in person and by email from as wide a cross section as possible including two open meetings.

The main recommendation is that there should be one umbrella UK organisation responsible for all aspects of the sport across the UK, and that this should be a new UK organisation and not IHUK, and it should be set up to comply with the Code for Sports Governance.

EIHA members will vote on a resolution to accept the recommendations of the report and to progress work to the next stage of establishing the new governing body.  This vote will take place at an Extraordinary General Meeting in Stratford on Sunday July 1.

If the recommendations are accepted and the resolution is passed then the wheels will be set in motion for conducting a detailed piece of work with an end goal of eventually dissolving the EIHA.  The formal vote to dissolve the EIHA will not be until 2019 (and members will still have the opportunity to vote against it at this point).

However the vote on Sunday July 1 is a significant vote which will set in motion the work needed to make the vote to dissolve the EIHA possible and to give a clear mandate from the members that they want to progress this work.  It is therefore important that all members attend the meeting on July 1 to hear directly from the Governance Working Group on the report and recommendations and have a chance to ask any questions before voting.

Papers have been issued by the EIHA board to all registered clubs and the board and the Working Group encourage as many voting members to attend in person.

You can download the full report >>here<<