August 22, 2019

The EIHA Board are able to confirm the outcome of the EGM and the next steps being taken to support work being undertaken taking account members’ views expressed at the EGM.

The Board have also communicated with IHUK via the IHUK board meeting that took place on Monday 19th August through the representation of Directors Ken Taggart, Charles Dacres and Paul Hayes.

At the EIHA EGM, nine resolutions were tabled with the first of a series of motions receiving just over 70% support which was therefore short of the required level of 75% for a special resolution under company law.

Both prior to the vote and after, members were given the floor to express their views on the proposition tabled by the joint EIHA/IHUK steering group and whilst there was significant support for the proposals, there were some clear concerns of members in relation to some points within the information provided.

The Board will consider this feedback and work with IHUK to present a proposal that both organisations feel can put the governance of the sport in the best possible position to benefit the development of ice hockey across the UK.

All Directors remain committed to supporting the membership’s view articulated in previous meetings and votes of delivering a new unified organisation that puts our sport in a position for success in the future.

A total of 299 votes were cast at the EGM and the resolution outcomes following the vote were:

  • Resolution 1 – Amend the current Articles of Association of the EIHA to allow for the transfer of assets to a new National Governing Body.  For 219, Against 80.
  • Resolution 2 – Transfer of assets of the EIHA to a new National Governing Body as outlined within the governance report.  For 226, Against 66.
  • Resolution 3 – Establishment of a transitional board for the new NGB as outlined within the governance report.  For 212, Against 66.
  • Resolution 4 – Establish which of the current EIHA Board members will be appointed to the transitional board of the new NGB.  For 240, Against 51.
  • Resolution 5 – Confirms the resignation of the existing EIHA Board members and replaces them with the transitional board of the new NGB and commence the transfer of responsibilities.  For 226, Against 64.
  • Resolution 6 – Ensures that all members of the EIHA are transferred to become members of the new NGB.  For 228, Against 51.
  • Resolution 7 – Approves the proposed articles of the new NGB which reflect the recommendations within the Governance Report.  For 226, Against 59.
  • Resolution 8 – Confirms that the EIHA Chair will support the resolutions at the IHUK EGM to move to a new NGB.  For 227, Against 51.
  • Resolution 9 – Protects funding levels for stakeholders for the 2019-2020 season as were outlined within the 2018-2019 season.  For 228, Against 58.