July 1, 2018

EIHA members have voted unanimously to move forward with the recommendations of the governance review, which would lead to the establishment of a brand new UK-wide governing body for the sport.

At the Extraordinary General Meeting in Stratford, Governance Working Group (GWG) chair Jonathan Hall presented a summary of his group’s work and their thinking behind the report and recommendations.

Members posed questions to the Working Group about the process going forward, timetable, funding and the right of EIHA members to have the final say.

Hall and director Joy Johnston who manages the governance portfolio on the EIHA board gave the answers which satisfied the members present.

After adjourning for the vote, Association chairman Ken Taggart reported the votes cast including proxy votes were 240 in favour and 0 against.

GWG chair Jonathan Hall said: “I’m obviously delighted that the members want to move on to the next stage as we feel it’s the best thing for the sport.

“Today was very useful as the people who attended cared about the process and they raised some questions and issues which we hopefully answered to make sure everyone was completely satisfied and understood what we had proposed.

“Now there’s a lot of hard work ahead to put the detail together, flesh on the bone if you will, and that will come back to members to agree as we move forwards.”

As for the GWG itself, Hall said he was pleased with what had been achieved in a relatively short timeframe.

“Had we been undertaking a full-scale review then it would have taken longer, but it was clear quite early on from the stakeholders and members that this was the issue that needed to be addressed, a single UK governing body.

“It’s good to reach this point, there is more work to be done but we’re happy where we are today.”

EIHA chairman Ken Taggart said: “At the initial EGM the members tasked us with drawing up a plan for the future.

“Thanks to Jonathan and his group we’ve done that and I’m grateful to the members who attended today’s EGM and gave the green light to proceed to the next stage.”

Full copy of the Governance Report and Recommendations: click here.