April 19, 2020

EIHA’s technical director for netminding Euan King will follow up his successful GK1 webinar with two new sessions this week aimed at goalies of all ages.

The ‘Visualisation’ sessions will be a one-hour webinar for up to 50 goalies, open to goalies of any ages from both EIHA & SIHA clubs.

King said: “The mental side of the game is key to goaltending and a big part of an elite goaltender’s game is visualisation.

“We have developed a webinar for goalies of all ages from seniors down to under 9s where we will show you what you can visualise, some useful visualisation techniques and how big an impact it can have on you as a goaltender.

“We will cover the technical, tactical and emotional side of the game and how you can use visualisation to improve all these areas.

“Bring an open mind!”

The sessions are on Tuesday April 21 and Thursday April 23, running from 6-7pm.  To book on either of these sessions click one of the links below.  Both sessions cover the same content so please do not book on both events.

Tuesday: https://eiha.co.uk/event/visualisation-for-goalies-210420/

Thursday: https://eiha.co.uk/event/visualisation-for-goalies-230420/