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Stuart Edwards statement

“I see this as a real opportunity to further educate our coaches on how to get the most out of athletes leading to an increase in overall performance.

I expect those whom are attend the session to leave with some tips on how to get your team focused on the season and the team goals you want to achieve over a season achieved – this will also support the head coach when reviewing their yearly planning for their clubs.

The session will also give advice on how to get your players to improve their understanding of the tactics and plays you have set out, supporting the overall buy-in and therefore increase the ability of execution in a training and game situation – improving performance”

Alex Green statement

” it is a real honour to have Stuart part of the Strength and conditioning team and have the opportunity to tap into his further expertise of sport performance and mindset, something i know he has spent many years applying to a variety of athletes. Whilst our focus remains that of conditioning the human body to move effectively whilst mitigating injury. It is also extremely important to understand we can only achieve this when our mind is also well conditioned, therefore the importance of our coaches to support this and influence is of paramount importance”

As always your feedback is appreciated, please do so via the S&C forum on the EIHA website or emailing alex.green@eiha.co.uk