england1Ice Sheffield and the English Institute of Sport (EIS) were the venues last weekend for a two day assessment camp to kick start the England Girls selection process for season 16/17.

The Friday on-ice session got under way with registration and an introduction to the programme followed by a presentation of the year ahead to both players and parents.
The girls then went through a 20min warm up routine which for most was a new experience.

Changed and ready to go over 40 girls took to the ice to be put through their paces by the England coaching staff, each girl assessed on the basics.  The introduction of the skating circuit was the first of our building blocks to improvement, a simple 10 minute exercise which covers every edge combination and the girls will complete this at all sessions.  Off the ice gone midnight and all-important cool down completed – a well deserved rest and sleep beckoned for some tired girls.

Saturday’s off ice began with an introduction to the day for players and parents and a short warm up followed by individual testing for the players.  The tests have been designed to monitor the players’ overall fitness and strength but more especially that all important core.

After the testing players ran through the off ice strength and conditioning that they will do in between camps, this S&C will allow the players to improve their testing scores, each player will be expected to improve their testing results month on month – an important factor, as it is a requirement to continue in the programme.


Lastly the girls were given the details of their Facebook page where they can keep in touch, encourage each other and get videos of all the S&C and off ice exercises

With all the players and parents gone all that was left to do for the staff was to go through all the on and off ice data that had been collected and outline what specifics will be needed for the next camp in November.

Thanks to Paul and Lyn Burton for the information and photograph