August 24, 2017

Day 5 – Wednesday

Morning routine established now so wake, shower, dress, meet, walk, breakfast, walk, warm up, dress, train, cool down, shower, dress, walk and lunch.

Light technical session on the ice this morning. movement off the puck, accurate passing and shooting under pressure.

The girls had an aerobics class after lunch which was a mixture of workout and dance and after a short break the girls worked through their two S&C circuits.

Today is a ‘rest’ day meaning there is no game so after aerobics and workouts we took the individual player photos, all seemed really pleased that they were looking their best.

Returned to our apartments and surprised all the girls with pizzas.

Relaxed and rested before walking down to the beach barbecue for a sauna, followed of course by the compulsory (to Finns at least) dip in the lake, Arto our Finnish host told us that it was warm, but then again it is frozen in the winter so warm is subjective!

BBQ’d sausages, chicken, ribs, salad etc and a chill out around the fire pit watching the sun go down before a walk back to our apartment and bed.

The team will need all the sleep they can get before another big day tomorrow

Sweet dreams, The Management