Two of the most delightful words when at a competition or training camp – Rest Day!

The girls are getting used to the early start times, not sure about some of the staff – they are getting up even earlier to go to the gym, but we all meet up for breakfast.

Morning practice focused on defensive zone coverage, quick ups and puck protection.


After lunch it was back to the rink for another session with Lari.

As coaches we have all been blown away by this guys expertise and have been fascinated at the skill development and the different way of teaching. The girls have just had fun and a great time, even when they were doing ladders… they just didn’t realise they were doing them!


Time then for player photos and then for the first time this week some free time.

All I have to say is the people who started the rush for ice creams need to be ashamed… where’s coaches ice cream? (this may come to haunt the team!)


In the early evening there was a BBQ and sauna on the lake, just a short walk away but with all that ice cream the girls decided on a little pre meal stroll around the facilities.

More time in the sauna then a swim in the lake.  The BBQ was chicken, ribs, sausages and salads.  After dinner and a short break it was back in the sauna and into the lake again. A great time had by all, before we wandered back to the complex.

And so to bed.