June 20, 2018

England head coach Ben Pitchley has announced the players who have been invited to the first England camp of the new season for the u13, u14 and u15 teams.

The ENTP are finalising the details of the camp and this information will be confirmed on Monday June 25.

Pitchley said: “It has been a busy few weeks for the programme with the appointment of Chris Benson as our new GM and working to tie up the final few details for our summer camps.

“I’m delighted to announce the players who are being asked to join the programme this coming season.  Congratulations to them and their clubs and the ENTP coaches and management look forward to seeing them at the camp later in the summer.”

England management have continued the format from last year, starting with 46 players at each age group before making the final cut much later in the season.

Parents are asked to ensure that they have signed up to the ENTP TeamApp (eiha.teamapp.com) and have joined the correct groups for the 18/19 season – TeamApp will be the ENTP main communication tool direct with parents.  News and general information will continue to appear on the EIHA website and social media.


Matty Byrne – Deeside
Fabian Witter – Streatham
Gabe Lingard – Bradford
Ben Clarke-Leach – Swindon
Hayden Oates – Sheffield
Daniel Nefedov – Haringey

Archie Salisbury – Peterborough
Emil Oksanen – Streatham
Harvey Harman – Bracknell
Nathaniel Gaskin – Bracknell
Preston Tombs – Guildford
Jamie Smith – Swindon
Charlie Murphy – Swindon
Charlie Roche – Oxford
Oliver Turner – Nottingham
Joshua Dowds – Nottingham
Jake Hayward – Coventry
Henry Newell – Nottingham
Charles Philips – Manchester
Owen Bruton – Kingston
Kohen Taylor – Kingston
Sam Cadman – Bradford

Andrew Heath – Streatham
Matthew Corkum – Streatham
Rhys King – Chelmsford
Sebastian Mohr – Slough
Brandon Chard – Invicta
Bailey Humphrey – Invicta
Bobby Ragan – Swindon
Dylan Lipsey – Swindon
Leo Spall-Cordes – Guildford
Jared Vigar – Guildford
Magnus Wrottesley – Oxford
Ollie Hemmings-Maher – Basingstoke
Ben Horner – Nottingham
Freddie Polak – Nottingham
Justin Dennison – Nottingham
Eddie Harper – Sheffield
Sam Keeling – Sheffield
Gabriel Fisher – Sheffield
Harvey Starkie – Whitley
Rhys Edwards – Bradford
Ethan Daintith – Kingston
Gregor Mills – Bradford
Kai Hathaway – Manchester
Thomas Mardell – Bradford


Charlie Henry – Nottingham
Daniel Norton – Sheffield
Ryan Wardell – Billingham
Benjamin Parkin – Kingston
Tyler De La Bertouche – Haringey
Vinni Graziano – M. Keynes

Louis Molyneux – Telford
James Best – Manchester
Connor Lewis – Billingham
Tommy Spraggon – Billingham
Matthew Cross – Bradford
Benjamin Greenhalgh – Billingham
Darmani James – Bradford
Billy Thorpe – Peterborough
Max Lewis – Chelmsford
Monty Tucker – Swindon
Logan Hill – Guildford
Jon Wright McAllister – Solent
Josh Paulin – Swindon
Jacob White Sey – Guildford
Brett Swainsbury – Chelmsford
Oliver Knaggs – M. Keynes

Joel Hopcroft – Sutton
Ethan Wilcox – Sheffield
Josh Kelly – Nottingham
Charles Coney – Coventry
Ethan Scholey – Sheffield
Charlie Marsden – Nottingham
Lennon Thomas – Billingham
Samuel Dowd – Billingham
Tom Wakefield – Billingham
Lucas Dowdle – Billingham
Finley Bradon – Billingham
Dylan Holicka – Streatham
Chris Beckett – Chelmsford
Samuel Lyne – Streatham
Brayden Smith – Bracknell
Samuel Robinson – Bracknell
Ethan Lane – Bracknell
Louie White – Streatham
Frankie Clover – Chelmsford
Cole McCluskey – M. Keynes
Adam Erskine – Guildford
Samuel Davies – Cardiff
Daniel Martin – M. Keynes
Josh Shaw – Swindon


Ben Norton – Sheffield
Matt Bloor – Nottingham
Jacob Hammond – Billingham
Alex Oldale – Sheffield
Luca Tessadri – Chelmsford
Evan Byron-Bates – Sheffield

Logan Jean Jaques – Bradford
Harry Rushby – Sheffield
Daniel Bradley – Slough
Stan Johnston – Slough
Liam Steele – Guildford
Sam Cooper – Guildford
Bailey Perre – Swindon
Max Gibson – Bradford
Louis Jackson – Nottingham
Ryan Merryweather – Nottingham
Lewis Kimpton – Nottingham
Max Marshall – Telford
Jacob Mintar – Swindon
Archie Hazledine – Nottingham
Milique Martelly – Streatham
Jamie Searle – Swindon

Declan Jones – Hull
Alex Kent – Hull
Jack Hopkins – Nottingham
Ellis Ricci – Nottingham
James White – Peterborough
Leo Markey – Peterborough
Harry Corkum – Streatham
Edward Gibson – Invicta
Cain Russell – Basingstoke
Evan Nauth – Guildford
Aiden McGurk – Basingstoke
Oliver Endicott – Swindon
Jacob Bryceland – Telford
Tom Byrne – Deeside
Isaac Cornell – Hull
Will Dobbe – Slough
Kieran Lucas – Bradford
Archie Millar – Guildford
Jacob Race – Coventry
Sam Parkin – Hull
Ben Raynor – Billingham
Issac Tse – Sheffield
Lucas Vince – Bradford
Tjay Anderson – Chelmsford