The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) are pleased to announce the appointment of new members of staff for the England National Team Programme (ENTP).

england1Euan King – England Teams Netminder Coach 
Mark Saunders – Under 13 Head Coach
David Capps -Under 13 Assistant Coach
Alan Blyth – Under 13 Assistant Coach
Matt Humphreys – Under 13 Team Manager
Mark Hopkins – Under 13 Assistant Manager
Darrin Laishley – Development Coach
George  Dragomir – Development Coach

England Head Coach, Ben Pitchley said: “We received a fantastic response to the advertisement for additional volunteer staff for the England Programme and the standard of the applications was first class.

“Having spent last weekend interviewing and appraising the candidates I am delighted that we have been able to secure the services of the coaches and managers who have all committed to the current programme.”

In addition to the appointment of team staff to the recently reinstated England Under 13 team, Pitchley was keen to expand the coaching support with the appointment of two additional Development Coaches who will initially work alongside Paul Woodhouse with the technical elements of the programme.

“From the feedback surveys we know that our players and their parents want us to provide more support through off-­‐ice conditioning, technical instruction and general hockey intelligence,” continued Pitchley.

“I want us to expand the classroom and lecture sessions using ENTP staff. This will help us with capacity and succession and these aspects are a big part of the overall ENTP development plan.”

The newly appointed staff members will be taking-­up their roles at the England training and selection camps which re­‐commence at Ice Sheffield this Thursday morning (27 October).

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