May 3, 2020

ENTP head coach Ben Pitchley has pulled together a plan for players to keep themselves active and is as good condition hockey-wise as possible during the lockdown.

The document is on the JLMC TeamApp page which most junior players should already be signed up to – if not head to to signup.

Coach Pitch writes:

As the country now enters its sixth week of lockdown, and no sign of hockey returning soon, it’s vitally important for all players to stay as focused as they can.

With this in mind, and with the help of a great hockey family I know, we have put together a presentation that if followed, will make the transition of getting back onto the ice, when it finally happens, very much smoother.

Nothing can replicate being on the ice, but hopefully this programme can refocus the mindset and give your parents a well earned break from being your coaches over the next month or so.

The ENTP and ‘Power Of’ programmes are currently looking at putting its schedule together for next season, so it’s vital that players stay in the best shape they can and are ready to get back on the ice, fit and train as hard as they did, prior to the lockdown.

Hockey will be back, but until then, what can you do to help your game improve….

Everyone stay safe, work hard and get posting some videos in the chat part of TeamApp, doing this programme.

To download the off-ice training programme > click here <