June 16, 2017

The Director for the EIHA’s England National Team Programme, Geoff Hemmerman, has today approved the select list of players to be invited to take part in the 2017/18 England National Team Programme (ENTP) development and selection camps.

England IHAMr Hemmerman said: “I know that this announcement has been eagerly awaited by a great many of the Association’s younger players and I am thrilled to confirm that my team will be continuing with the great work we started this time last year. It’s a really exciting time for our programme and today I am sure there will be a great deal of celebrating up and down the country as players and their parents learn about the selection.”

The Select List is included within the Briefing Document for the England U13, U14 and U15 Boys teams programmes and it has been published on the TeamApp ‘Documents’ page here: http://eiha.teamapp.com/documents/288788-entp-selection-of-invited-players-2017

There are quite a few tasks to sort out in the next few days and weeks and following on from the successful 2016/17 programme the ENTP leadership duo of Ben Pitchley (Head Coach) and Gary Apsley (General Manager) need to finalise some of the key details like camp shirts, welcome meeting, event schedule and education syllabus.

Once again we shall be using the ENTP TeamApp as our primary communication tool and parents and players are advised to become familiar with the app in either the mobile or web format (or both if you wish).

Ben Pitchley said: “We are using TeamApp and I want all of our parents and their players to embrace TeamApp because we know it works for us. We will not be sending out emails or texts. We are using the app. We are expecting to build on the platform we set-up last year.”

The first job for players/parents is to acknowledge their invitation either by accepting or declining the invite. This is done using the RSVP option on the EVENT here: https://eiha.teamapp.com/events/3197051

As we have now created the TeamApp access groups for the 2017 Teams, players will be invited to update to the new access group once they access the ENTP TeamApp from today. Please take this opportunity to update your email and personal and contact details so that we have our database up to date.

If you are new to TeamApp and need some help then simply contact me by email EnglandGM@eiha.co.uk.

So for now, a huge congratulations to all of the selected players now the hard work really does start. We shall be posting more news and information on the forthcoming ENTP events so please keep checking in to the TeamApp on a regular basis.

Enjoy your summer!