June 2, 2017

We are all in the routine now – wake up, shower, breakfast.  Or in some cases – wake up, panic, run, breakfast!

Leisurely drive to the rink, girls in great singing voice!!! Warm up, change and on the ice on time again.  This morning it was offensive skills, shooting, competition and battling for the puck, goalies working on redirection drills.


Cool down and then team lunch and a short rest before we were all off to the sports hall for an afternoon of gentle team games … yeah right!  Full on war in whatever game we were playing, which is great – exactly what I would expect from these very competitive players.

Afternoon session concentrated on gap control defensive positioning, offensive strategies and cycling both in the corners and around the net and 3v3 with shooters.

Again good sessions and a big thank you to the players who woke me up this morning with a small tap on the head!!!

Dinner and into tonight’s lectures – nutrition and hydration and then drugs and anti doping which included some first hand knowledge of the drug testing procedures. A great question and answer session finished off the day and so to bed!!!


WORDS: Paul Burton. PHOTOS: Lyn Burton