August 26, 2017

Day 7 -Friday

Up early for breakfast, girls starting to look a little tired, but thats why we format this camp like we do. World championships and Olympic qualifiers are not 2-3 days.

Fatigue plays a big part in performance so the girls are learning about the importance of hydration, nutrition, warm up/cool downs, rest and sleep all in a team environment. The only pressure we can not replicate is that of having to win games to succeed.

Good warm up then onto the ice, on the menu this morning angling, forechecking, defensive zone coverage and net coverage, the girls are learning and improving each session.

Cool down and then lunch.

Our game is early today so no activity this afternoon, just rest and sleep.

Started our preparation for tonight’s game against the Finnish ‘white squad’

Good 20min on ice warm up and the singing of the National Anthem was top class!


Game started even but it was soon obvious that this was a much better and stronger team than yesterdays, the team played well for periods but every mistake was punished 0-3 in the first. 0-3 in the second.

The third started with the girls making chances and they were rewarded at 44.30 with a goal Chamonix Jackson from Danni Newlove, but the Finns came back stronger scoring another 4 goals to make the period 1-4.  Final score 10-1

Disappointing score but we have to put it in context this was a good team with much more game knowledge than we have.


Had dinner and then met up with Finnish team for a fun session with both teams playing different games suggested by the staff. Great fun had by all.

Then all off for supper and a chance to get to know each other.

Back to the house for hot chocolate and biscuits and then to bed for a well deserved sleep.

Goodnight from Finland
The Management