August 21, 2017

While the England camp winds down in Deeside, the England girls team are travelling to Kisakallio in Finland.  Paul Burton will be sending a daily diary from the camp to bring us behind the scenes.

England girls Finland camp 2017
Day 1

All the team met up at Bracknell at lunchtime for our pre trip day, and after a tearful farewell (by the staff not the players!) the girls prepared their own lunch and after warm up took to the ice for the first time this week.

First job, team picture completed without too many problems, well not after we have photoshopped them.

The first on ice session started to work on specific skills in a competitive environment and the late session focused on team warm ups. A strange idea to most players but if these girls start to play at world championships and Olympic qualifiers then they need to get used to 20min warm ups followed by a break and then into the game.

Finished the on ice day with some inter squad competition, then cool down and off to the hotel for an evening meal and then bed….tomorrow will be a long day of travelling.

England girls Finland camp 2017
Day 2

Up early for breakfast think it will be the last time we see a full English for a while.

Coach picked us up from the hotel and then to Heathrow via the rink to pick up the kit.

Easy journey, super fast check in and no problems at security, boarded plane arrived early after an uneventful flight …. this was all going much too well, and it was…. 18 players 17 kit bags just how does that happen?

Registered the missing bag and boarded the coach for the 45min journey to Kisakallio – it seemed much longer with what the girls called singing…I have my doubts!

Dropped at the rink and settled the girls into their changing room and then made the short walk to our ‘house’ for the week.

This is new to us this year and consists of a self contained house with kitchens and lounge bedrooms and of course this being Finland a sauna on the ground floor!

Had our evening meal then rest, warm up and on the ice for a short 50min session to get the journey out of the girls legs. Cool down, shower and evening snack before an early night before tomorrow’s first full match day.

All girls well in good spirits and going to sleep, well after they have phoned everyone and chatted for half an hour.