England’s U14 girls met in Bracknell on Saturday to prepare for their week-long stay in Kisakallio, Finland where they will train and play alongside players from the Finnish national programme.

Saturday’s short camp was all about team building and working on lines and systems.

The girls were all given their new England kit and then went through the aims for the team and an overview of the week ahead.

Lunch was prepared for the team by the team, so any complaints were directly addressed to their team mates!

A rest period where the on ice sessions were outlined was followed by the team’s warm up and then it was onto the ice for the afternoon session.

Snacks and a short recovery period preceded the evening session and a short controlled game which was more about position and structure and less about winning. This is the last time this will be the goal next week is all about developing a winning mentality.

Cool down, showers and to the teams hotel for an evening meal and some well deserved sleep.

Head coach Paul Burton said: “It’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, and it’s going to be a busy week, I know I’ve seen the schedule!”

We’ll have regular updates from Kisakallio here on the website and our social media channels.