March 24, 2018

The ENTP are pleased to announce the U19 squad that will travel to Bratislava early next month for a training camp and two games against Romania U18s.

The trial was held at Ice Sheffield last night with 38 players participating in the hope of gaining selection to the team that will be traveling to Bratislava on Monday 2nd April. First off the technical and S&C staff put the players through their paces at the English Institute of Sport to establish base fitness levels and review overall condition of all the players. We had a couple of players who were carrying injuries and they struggled but the coaching staff were delighted to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment for the new look Under 19 programme that was announced just a couple of weeks ago.

On the ice, coaches Ian Pound, Matt Darlow and Jeff Colton ran a series of drills which were designed to identify some of the key skill sets that the coaches were looking for which centred around offence, defence and netminding. After three hours of intensive activity the players were split into two teams for a forty minute scrimmage game. Even with tired legs and tired minds there was a sense of importance and urgency amongst the players and it was clear to see that the players attending were taking the opportunity very seriously indeed.

As the session drew to a close around 12:30 am, the coaches locked themselves away in Dressing Room 4 to review the proceedings and to try and get 38 down to 20. The 20 man roster being the minimum requirement set by the ENTP Leadership team as set out in the briefing document published two weeks ago. By 2am, the staff had identified a long list of players and all that remained was for the final decisions to be made on the final roster spots.

Head Coach for the Bratislava team, Ian Pound, had the final say and working alongside his management team of Paul Kelsall and Gordon Douglas he had a couple of very tough decisions to make. Pound said. “The players have all worked hard tonight and it was great to see so many giving so much for a chance to make this team. I am really excited about the prospect this trip places in the Under 19 programme and even though we have the England v Scotland buildup starting again on 20th April, I am looking forward to working with this England team in the meantime.”

After a night of deliberation, the decisions have been made and the players listed below will form the team that has been selected to travel out to Bratislava on the 2nd of April, where they will play two games against Romania U18 world championship team.

Making the announcement team manager Gordon Douglas said: “It was not an easy decision based on one session, but the coaching staff had to make choices due to the tight timescales involved.

“Well done to those selected and for those who didn’t we’d say keep trying as the standard was very high at the trial.

“This is the not the end of the road though, as their will still be the opportunity to trial again for the England v Scotland game, so those carrying injuries or possibly didn’t have a good night, can try again.”


NM Tyler Perre Okanagan
NM Thomas Brown Whitley
D Sam Jackson Haringey
D Josh Kelly Okanagan
D Oliver Lord Coventry
D Andrew Hayward Coventry
D Tom Ravenscroft Okanagan
D Harvey Robson Okanagan
F Brady Doxey Sutton Sting
F Jake Apsley Sutton Sting
F Ryan Kemp Bradford Bulldogs
F Cain Taylor Hull
F Anthony Wetherell Whitley
F Harry Harcup Slough
F Sam Rodgers Sheffield
F Alec Goldstone Streatham
F Oliver Mitchell Sutton Sting
F Brodie Jesson Telford Tigers
F Sam Austin Chelmsford
F Matthew Byron Okanagan