This years team has (mostly…only joking!) been a delight to work with. They have been mature as a team when it would have been easy to fall apart.

The playing schedule was an enormous challenge, playing the Finnish National team twice was something we all will never forget. We have learnt just what it takes to play at the higher levels. The strength, speed and work rate combined with exceptional skills is what we have to aspire to.

This week the girls have learnt a great deal of what that challenge means and the reality that it is them individually that can make the jump.

We hope that the things the girls have learnt, not just on the ice, but about off ice fitness, S&C, nutrition, sleep and leadership skills will be encouraged during new season.

It was a great start and a show of the desire that so many turned up for the voluntary run on Saturday morning.

If there is anything your daughters want or need please contact us.

Thanks once again and we hope to see you soon.

x the staff

ps It’s so quiet here!!!!