Woke up to rain and cloud, early breakfast and then a bit of bad news, the plant had gone down in the ice hall and morning practice was cancelled, quick change of schedule arranged (this thing can happen anywhere and anytime, so good for the girls to be able to cope with change.

Giant football arranged in the sports hall at short notice, Finnish team in same position so joint game. Followed by fun games chosen by both sets of coaches.

Finns were then off to do their running tests so after consultation with their staff our girls did the first part…..6x20m sprints as hard as each player can do best time 57 sec worst 1.15 anything over that you don’t get invited back. Each players time taken and after a 4 min rest you do it again and have to maintain that time and after another 4min rest you do it again brutal !!!.

Sauna and a swim before S&C in the rain on the sports field, such a welcome relief after the sunshine!

Lunch and sleep and then up to the football pitch for warm up with our Finnish opposition for tonight.

With Olivia still not able to play,  Izzy Wallace from the seniors kindly backed up Lauren.

Game started pretty even with both sides creating chances but again the Finnish side scored first at 4.47, both sides again made chances but there was no further score in the first.

Second started badly, a short handed goal scored 23.10,  and got worse a power play goal at 26.20 but the team recovered and there was no further scoring in the second.

Third started even worse than the second with some basic mistakes resulting in a goal at 30.35 and Lauren’s leg injury forcing her out of the game. Izzy stepped up but was unable to to do anything about the goal scored at 34.22. The team struggled in the final minutes when the week and the loss of Casey caught up with them.

This has been a great trip, the girls have been a pleasure to be with and the opportunity to train and play with the Finnish team, for the staff to work alongside their counterparts has been an experience that none of us will forget.

Everyone has realised how much work we all have to do to begin to realise our potential, if we want to achieve that potential we must all commit to changing our lives and becoming serious athletes.

Thanks to everyone who has made the trip possible and a special thanks to you all for supporting the programme without you it would not be possible.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow (and hopefully we will have our sticks with us!!!

Videos from the Tour on Day 5