WARM UP – meet Jiri Kirsila, expert strength and conditioning coach. Jiri is part of a team of S&C Coach’s to Finland’s U16 Girls Ice Hockey Team; he is also the S&C coach for a men’s floorball team (SPV (Seinajoen Pelivljet) – defending Elite League Champions. Jiri ensures both teams are put through their paces, running the warm up and cool downs before and after games, and also an hour’s S&C session every day for both teams.

Seniors Captain Becky Inker (Swindon) says…”It’s an honour to be here with such a great bunch of girls. Let’s see what we can achieve by the end of the week”

GAME REPORT – Espoo Blues

Espoo Blues are a second division women’s league team. They have won silver in both the national league and European Cup last season. They have also produced players that participated in the 2010 Olympics, winning bronze.

Game 2 – the game started well, the pace was quick with Team England matching the Blues stride for stride. Period 1 ended 2-0 to Blues. Second period was won by Team England 1-0 which rejuvenated the team and it was still a 2-1 score line in the 3rd with 1.45 to go.

Both teams scored in the final minute of the game leaving the end game score at 4-2 to Blues. Both teams played hard and the girls were a credit to their teams. The England net was shared by both Bolwell and Wallace. England