February 21, 2018

England IHAThe England National Team Programme, flagship of the EIHA, is pleased to announce no fewer than FIVE national teams who will head to Bratislava in early April for camp and competitive games.

Squads have been named at u13, u14, u15, u14 girls and u17 girls making a total of 100 players plus staff will be flying to Slovakia on Easter Monday.

England head coach Ben Pitchley said: “The players who have made the final cut are to be congratulated on their selection. The process began last summer in Deeside and to get to this point is reward for their hard work.

“For those who missed out the coaches will give constructive feedback and in most cases the door is never fully closed.

“Now the work begins preparing for travel to Bratislava and working with our Slovakian hosts to put in place a programme to test the teams and continue the players on their development pathway towards Great Britain and seniors hockey.”

The England party fly out on Monday April 2 and will hold intensive five-day camp with daily practice, off-ice training and evening competitive games.

#LeaveALegacy #BringYourAGame


Jessica Wooding – Streatham
Chloe Needham-Potts – Haringey
Liza Gere – Bracknell
Maisie Breakenridge – Bracknell
Jessica Taylor – Bracknell
Katy Dadd – Chelmsford
Lydia Walsh – Guildford
Inez Brannan – Manchester
Abbie Rowbotham – Sheffield
Abi McCourt – Billingham
Ava Dell – Invicta
Ella Rooke – Coventry/Sheffield
Alice Jones – Haringey
Billie Thacker – Milton Keynes
Rhiannon Price – Milton Keynes
Melissa Veal – Sutton
Meeyah Forbes – Kingston
Charlotte Davenport-Jeffrey – Haringey/Invicta
Courtney Smith – Bradford
Mali Easton – Swindon

April Ramsay – Kingston
Ruby Newlands – Kilmarnock
Teagan Hyatt – Telford


Chamonix Jackson – Nottingham
Danielle Newlove – Kingston
Grace Garbett – Telford/Sheffield
Martha Brown – Kingston
Hannah Ware – Sheffield
Caren Callaghan – Kingston
Bryony Russell – Milton Keynes
Ishbel Wright – Bradford/Kingston
Suzanne Antelme – Guildford
Ketziah Robinson – Kingston
Georgia Whittemore – Peterborough
Maria Labagnara –  Bracknell
Pheobe Mather – Peterborough/Haringey
Holly Johnson – Kingston
Dana Shudra – Sheffield
Hollie Neenan – Sheffield
Elouise Porter – Peterborough/Haringey
Martha Cornell – Kingston
Emma Nichols – Bracknell
Amelia McGinlay – Swindon

Jemma Brown – Kingston
Genevieve Thorn – Bracknell
Melina Selba –  Swindon


Tyler De La Bertouche – Haringey
Finley Bradon – Billingham
Matty Byrne – Deeside
Sam Davies – Cardiff
Adam Erskine – Guildford
Ben Greenhalgh – Billingham
Dylan Holicka – Streatham
Josh Kelly – Nottingham
Max Lewis – Chelmsford
Samuel Lyne – Streatham
Gregor Mills – Bradford
Bobby Ragan – Swindon
Josh Shaw – Swindon
Brayden Smith – Bracknell
Tommy Spraggon – Billingham
Luca Tessadri – Chelmsford
Billy Thorpe – Peterborough
Monty Tucker – Swindon
Tom Wakefield – Billingham
Louie White – Streatham
Jacob White-Sey – Guildford

Connor Lewis – Billingham
Sebastian Mohr – Slough


Ben Norton – Sheffield
Matthew Bloor- Nottingham
Logan Jean-Jaques – Bradford
Liam Steele – Guildford
Daniel Bradley – Slough
Amy Robery – Streatham
Stan Johnston – Slough
Sam Cooper – Guildford
Bailey Perre – Swindon
Jack Hopkins – Nottingham
Ellis Ricci – Nottingham
Archie Hazeldine – Nottingham
Declan Jones – Hull
Alex Kent – Hull
Leo Markey – Peterborough
Harry Corkum – Streatham
Cain Russell – Basingstoke
Evan Nauth – Guildford
Aiden McGurk – Swindon
Oli Endicott – Swindon

Jacob Hammond – Billingham
Harry Rushby – Sheffield
Edward Gibson – Invicta


Will Bray – Peterborough
Jude Ayling – Guildford
Alex Blake -Telford
Callum Burr – Bracknell
Michael Colbourne – Bradford
Tom Dermott – Telford
Rhodes Mitchell-King – Coventry
Tom Stephens – MK
Toby Fisher – Nottingham
Tom Fraser – Whitley Bay
Juha Lindgren – Slough
Zaine McKenzie – Nottingham
Christian Mohr – Slough
Louie Newell – Coventry
Travis Penny – Basingstoke
Logan Roberts – Bradford
Joseph Wall – Billingham
Sam Watkins – Telford
Aaron Smith – Nottingham
Dylan Harcourt – Bradford

Joe Webb – Invicta
Troy Deane – Bracknell