The Coaching programme is responsible for education and administration covering all aspects of ice hockey coaching and team management. Courses are conducted at the following levels, which relate to international standards, particularly those of the International Ice Hockey Federation:

  • Coach Level 1
  • Coach Level 2

Courses are conducted by experienced instructors. Coaching courses are demand driven, and are held at various locations during the year when the required amount of candidates have registered.

Continuing professional development is vital to maintaining coaching standards; so workshops for coaches on various coaching topics are held. This part of the programme is currently under review. Regional Head Coaches have been appointed in all regions. Their role is to assist and advise, when requested by Club Head Coaches.

Team management has been recognised as a role in its own right, and the EIHA Coaching programme has pioneered team manager courses. These have proved so successful that much of the content has been used by the International Ice Hockey Federation in its own materials for club administrators. Courses are held at various times of the year in different parts of the country, according to demand.

In conjunction with the Officials Section, the Coaching Programme conducts courses for off-ice officials (scorer, timekeeper, penalty timekeeper, goal judge, and announcer).