The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) have appointed their first Media & Communications Officer to spread the word about the work done by the Association, its sections and clubs.

Craig Simpson has worked with the EIHA at many of their flagship events over the past ten years and will now work with the board, section heads and clubs at all levels to promote the game as widely as possible.

He has also provided media and PR support for clubs in the Elite and National Leagues as well as working with Ice Hockey UK as press officer with travelling Great Britain teams.

“It’s an exciting challenge and certainly not a small task,” Craig said on his appointment.

“Over the past ten years I’ve done some media work for the Conference Weekend, Womens Trophy and lately Junior Nationals.  But the EIHA does a lot more with their junior clubs, England teams, on-ice officials, coaching development and corporate issues at board level.

“My role will be to get as much information into the public domain as possible – the EIHA website is a great central point of contact but there is also the social media world.  The @EIHA_Official twitter account is massively under-used, and we are looking to create a Facebook page too.

“I am also keen to use audio, video, photography as well as the written word to give a wide and varied media presence for the EIHA.

“There is a lot to do but I am confident with the support of the board, sections and clubs that we can make a marked improvement on behalf of the Association.”

EIHA Director Geoff Hemmerman said: “This has been a long time coming and is way over due so I for one am pleased that Craig has taken up the challenge.

“As he says it will not be an easy task as there is much to be done and much to catch up with. Many of you will already know Craig and what he has done for the EIHA in the past, now he can fulfil the role as it should be done.

“We do so many things that few people get to hear about, I am sure Craig will change that but like all these things he needs to be fed information from every section of the sport to help us all GROW THE GAME.

“The Media and Comms Officer was also a requirement of the Development Plan so I am pleased to say that this is one action that has been completed.”

Anyone wishing to contact the EIHA Media & Communications Officer can email, @EIHA_Official on Twitter or Craig’s personal account @craigsimpson42.