June 18, 2020

The EIHA Education Programme are pleased to add to our Strength & Conditioning team, with new coaches James Barr and Ricky Skene.

James has a BSc in Sports Science and Biology, and an MSD in Biomechanics, he also holds a few industry qualifications in S&C, weightlifting and training.

He has worked with athletes from international rugby, international cricket, performance cycling and veteran age group athletics, amongst others, for performance and returning to play post injury.  He also teaches sports performance courses for FASTER global.

Ricky has 17 years professional playing experience across the BNL, EIHL & EPL, alongside seven years as a coach at STARS ice hockey camp in Guelph Ontario and with Guildford juniors.

He also has 15+ years S&C experience through managing a CrossFit affiliate and his own company UFit-PT.

Ricky has a BSc in Sports, Fitness & Coaching along with PT credentials (REP L3, NASM cert), youth S&C certification, and CrossFit level 2, gymnastics certification combined with other vocational courses.

He has a huge passion in educating young athletes physically, socially and physiologically.

The EIHA head of S&C, Alex Green, said: “I’m delighted to add James and Ricky to our team to support our athletes and coaches all across the country.

“The programme is just getting started and we will be running regional as well as national sessions and our coaches will be key parts as we roll out in the coming weeks and months.”