Coventry Blaze NIHL trials will take place on Tuesday 16th and 23rd June at 9-10pm

Coventry are looking to continue using the NIHL team to develop players and provide a platform to the EPL and Elite league. There will be a strong focus on selecting young aspiring players under the age of 20. Additional opportunities to train and play on two way contracts with EPL teams is also being implemented allowing players to maximise their potential through a defined development pathway.

“We are looking to create a pathway from juniors to the Elite team through partnership working with EPL clubs. Ice hockey is an expensive sport and we all face the challenge of limited available ice time. It is important we begin to think outside the box and work together in pooling our resources to develop the next generation of young British players. Our team will be focused on development rather than results. Results will follow once we get the development plan right,” said Director of Hockey , James Pease.

We are looking for players with the ability to play at NIHL level and the desire to be fully committed to developing.

If you wish to participate in the trials please contact or

A fee of £10 will be charged to trial.