Today we continue our reveal of the lists of players who will be part of the silver jubilee Conference tournament in Sheffield. Here are the players of the #BoysNGirlsInBlue – the South West


1 Nikolai Divall (Guildford), 21 Lewis Hallewell (Cardiff), 2 Felix Hemmings Maher (Basingstoke), 3 Joel Meyers (Guildford), 4 Theo Howgego (Guildford), 5 Oskar Sagan (Swindon), 6 Oscar Godfrey (Swindon), 7 Harvey Rose (Cardiff), 8 Alfie Goddard (Guildford), 9 Ethan Lock (Guildford), 10 Leilo Bellamy (Cardiff), 11 Sean Reynolds (Guildford), 12 Lucas Fong (Guildford), 13 Josh Poole (Swindon), 14 Ethan Taylor (Swindon), 15 Cal Forshee (Swindon), 16 Joshua Seeback (Guildford), 17 Alfie Stone (Cardiff), 18 Harvey Bryant (Cardiff), 19 Oscar Forshee (Swindon).

HC Andy Hemmings.  AC Chris Beal.  TM Marilyn Parsons


1 Alfie Jefferis (Swindon), 3 Bobby Ragan (Swindon), 4 Charlie Roche (Oxford), 7 Jamie Smith (Swindon), 8 Preston Tombs (Guildford), 9 Oliver Hemmings Maher (Basingstoke), 10 Alfie Druett (Swindon), 11 Leo Spall-Cordes (Guildford), 12 Jonah Harvey (Guildford), 13 Jared Vigar (Guildford), 14 Dylan Lipsey (Swindon), 15 Roman Cathcart (Basingstoke), 17 Alex Rimko (Cardiff), 19 Magnus Wrottesley (Oxford), 20 Tom Ashmore (Swindon), 21 Ellin Rees (Cardiff), 23 Benjamin Clarke-Leach (Swindon).

HC Michaela Walker.  AC Mathew Lawday.  AC Lee Richardson.  TM Reasha Compton


1 Morgan Parsons (Basingstoke), 2 Austin Osborn (Guildford), 3 Logan Hill (Guildford), 4 Samuel Davies (Basingstoke), 6 Jamie Searle (Swindon), 7 Daniel Martin (Milton Keynes), 8 Liam Steele (Guildford), 9 Hudson Friday (Basingstoke), 10 Evan Nauth (Guildford), 11 Cole McCluskey (Milton Keynes), 12 Sam Cooper (Guildford), 13 Cain Russell (Basingstoke), 14 Bailey Perre (Swindon), 16 Adam Erskine (Guildford), 17 Dawson Osborn (Guildford), 18 Jacob White-Sey (Guildford), 21 Mali Easton (Swindon).

HC Jeff Sykora.  AC Matt Lock.  TM Jo Mundy


1 Jude Ayling (Guildford), 4 Jack Goodchild (Okanagan), 5 William Lawson (Guildford), 7 Ethan Nesic (Cardiff), 8 Joe Llewellyn (Okanagan), 9 Jasper Foster (Swindon), 10 Oliver Bower (Basingstoke), 11 McKenzie Parsons (Basingstoke), 12 Zak White-Sey (Guildford), 15 Ross Thompson (Okanagan), 16 Max Chamberlain (Swindon), 17 Bailey Harewood (Cardiff), 18 Travis Penny (Basingstoke), 19 Thomas Banner (Basingstoke), 20 Jack Peacock (Basingstoke), 21 Ben Scanlan (Cardiff), 22 Aaron Moody (Okanagan).

HC Lewis Clifford.  AC Darrin Lashley.  AC Chris Beal.  TM Steve Taylor

The 25th EIHA Junior Inter Conference Tournament begins on Friday May 3rd with the U19 international between England and Scotland for the Frank Dempster Memorial Trophy (8pm face off, free admission). The tournament games themsleves begin at 7am on Saturday May 4th with the Grand Finals on the afternoon of Monday May 6th.