Today we complete our reveal of the lists of players who will be part of the silver jubilee Conference tournament in Sheffield. Here are the players of the #GreyArmy – the Midlands


1 Elliot Russan (Coventry), 2 Kian Malek (Nottingham), 4 Sebastian Veal (Sutton), 5 Taylor Stanton (Telford), 8 Lewis Swaffield (Coventry), 9 Sam Burrows (Sheffield), 10 Declan Heraghty (Sheffield), 11 Oliver Matthewman (Sheffield), 12 Finlay Radford (Coventry), 14 Josh Hartley (Sheffield), 15 Theo Thomas (Nottingham), 16 Joshua Rowlands (Nottingham), 18 Joe Matthewman (Sheffield), 19 Kingston McKenzie (Nottingham), 20 Thomas Flint (Sheffield), 21 Ewan Woodward (Nottingham), 22 Alex Rushby (Sheffield), 23 Fin Williams (Sheffield).

HC Steve Weeks.  AC Ash Stanton.  AC Jeff Colton.  TM Russ Dennison


1 Haydn Oates (Sheffield), 20 Matty Byrne (Telford), 2 Freddie Polak (Nottingham), 3 Gabriel Bakalar (Nottingham), 4 Aiden Dancer (Sheffield), 5 Eddie Harper (Sheffield), 7 Luke Birchnall (Nottingham), 8 Sam Keeling (Sheffield), 9 Justin Dennison (Nottingham), 10 Gabriel Fisher (Sheffield), 11 Jake Hayward (Coventry), 12 Henry Newell (Nottingham), 14 Ethan Porter (Nottingham), 15 Ben Cutts (Sheffield), 16 Ben Horner (Nottingham), 18 Harvey Collins (Sheffield), 19 Oliver Turner (Nottingham), 21 Euan Williams (Sheffield), 22 Arlen Newton (Nottingham).

HC Martin White.  AC Reg Wilcox.  AC Chris Wilcox.  TM Michael Spencer


1 Matty Bloor (Nottingham), 2 Lucas Price (Nottingham), 3 Benjamin Baker (Solihull), 4 Jacob Frost (Sutton), 5 Ellis Ricci (Nottingham), 6 Louis Jackson (Nottingham), 7 Archie Grayson (Sheffield), 8 Lucas Priestley (Sutton), 10 Jacob Bryceland (Telford), 12 Charlie Webb (Telford), 13 Archie Hazeldine (Nottingham), 14 Ethan Jones (Sheffield), 15 Jack Hopkins (Nottingham), 16 Ryan Merryweather (Nottingham), 18 Harry Rushby (Sheffield), 20 Alex Oldale (Sheffield), 21 Joshua Kelly (Nottingham), 22 Lewis Kimpton (Nottingham), 23 Jacob Race (Coventry)

HC Scott McKenzie.  AC Shane Smith.  TM Mark Hopkins


1 Luca Sheldon (Nottingham), 3 Michael Berehowskyj (Nottingham), 5 Bailey Challans (Nottingham), 6 Zaine McKenzie (Coventry), 7 Jack Brammer (Sheffield), 8 Tom Dermott (Nottingham), 9 Jack Parker (Sheffield), 10 Will Newcombe (Sheffield), 11 Sam Watkins (Telford), 12 Alex Blake (Telford), 13 Alex Graham (Sheffield), 14 Rhodes Mitchell-King (Coventry), 15 Henry Adams (Telford), 16 Finley Howells (Telford), 18 Louie Newell (Nottingham), 20 Massimo Agostini (Nottingham), 21 Bradley Fothergill (Nottingham), 22 Jacob Trusswell (Sutton), 23 Tom Palmer (Nottingham).

HC Mike Clancy.  AC Paul Glossop.  AC Stuart Parker.  TM Emma Adams

The 25th EIHA Junior Inter Conference Tournament begins on Friday May 3rd with the U19 international between England and Scotland for the Frank Dempster Memorial Trophy (8pm face off, free admission). The tournament games themsleves begin at 7am on Saturday May 4th with the Grand Finals on the afternoon of Monday May 6th.