June 8, 2017

At the end of April, Seth Bennett was commentating for BBC on Great Britain’s gold medal winning game against Japan in Belfast.sethaction

Two weeks later he was in Sheffield on the bench for Trafford Tornados U11 in their national finals debut, and now is Chairman of the whole Trafford junior club.

This weekend the Tornados host their first ‘Little League‘ event, and Seth spoke with EIHA’s Craig Simpson about taking on the role of club chairman, views on junior development and how Trafford are going about their business in getting youngsters to play hockey.

Seth has been involved in hockey as a player, coach, commentator and now getting back involved in the grass roots of the sport – as you can hear in the interview he’s full of enthusiasm and passionate about what the Tornados can do for junior hockey in the north west and feed into a wider improvement in player development.