AHDUK‘s Off-ice sessions – Designed to push players to excel & unlock their potential using the most advanced and up to date off-ice equipment on the market

AHDUK Off-ice camps are delivered by coaches with proven track records in developing youth players at Club, Conference and international levels of competition.

Our instructors focus on teaching the skills and techniques needed that will give our students an added edge to make them better competitors able to maximize all opportunities in every game



  • 5 hours activity time
  • High coach to player ratio
  • Develop power skating techniques for good stride and quick recovery using glide boards
  • Develop and enhance fundamental and advanced passing & receiving skills.
  • Teach the correct techniques for advanced stick handling, puck protection skills.
  • Develop excellent hand and eye coordination
  • Develop hockey sense through challenging small area drills and games that will increase ability to READ and ACT to the game quicker.
  • Develop shooting technique, speed (radar clocks) and accuracy.
  • A fun and challenging learning environment for all participants

Location – Nova Hreod Sports Hall, Akers Way, Swindon, SN2 2NQ

Off-ice 1 – Sunday – 26th June 1200-1400

Off-ice 2 – Sunday – 24th July   1200-1400

Office 3 – Saturday- 27th August 1200-1400


Please visit www.ahduk.com or for more information email peter.winn@ahduk.com

or call 07803 558254.