Course outline

14/16 hours. Price: £125.00

All course members attending a coaching course must wear on ice an approved helmet from 1st September 2012.

Role of the Coach

Identifies the major roles the coach must play in the development of the athletes.
Communication Principles. Looks at various communication techniques such as effective use of the voice, listening techniques and verbal and non verbal communication techniques.

Teaching Techniques

Identifies the factors which influence learning and the importance of planning. Rules. Looks at the basic rules and any new rule introductions and rule changes.

Safety and Risk Management

Guidelines in developing an injury prevention programme, allowing the athletes to play in a safe environment.

Skating Skills

An introduction to the key points of edge control, starting and stopping and correct skating techniques.

Puck Control Skills

This section concentrates on correct stick selection, puck handling, passing and receiving and the various type of shots available.

Practice Organisation

How to effectively design the practice. Shows when to do what in the layout of the practice session.

Checking Skills

Looks at the many different types of checking skills, from stick checks to angling and onto body contact.

Individual Tactics

This section concentrates on the offensive and defensive individual tactics a player should process and describes a progression method of teaching these tactics.

Learning Through Play

Explanation of how to create a learning environment for entry level players.
The first step towards Developing Hockey sense.

A guide to understanding individual Game Situation Roles.

An understanding of the advantages of cross-ice and small area games.

On Ice session Minimum 1 hour

The Ice session covers all major aspects of skating and puck control skills.
An assessment of the coaches skating ability is judged on this session.

Exam procedure

If the coach meets the required skating standard a take home exam is given.
The time for return of this exam is 2 weeks.

Minimum Proficiency to attend Coaching Courses

 To attend, and pass an EIHA coaching course you must be able to execute the following on ice with proficiency and under control:

Skate forward
Carry out tight turn in both directions
Stop moving in all directions
Skate backwards
Crossover efficiently forwards and backwards
Pivot forwards to backwards and backwards to forward
Stop on both feet forward & backward

Must show a good understanding of the mechanics of shooting

Must be able to demonstrate stick handling and passing and pass receiving elements to a competent standard.

Demonstrate an understanding of teaching techniques as applied in teaching progressions. (Whole part whole).

All course members attending a coaching course must wear on ice an approved helmet from 1st September 2012.